SYStEMIC LEADERSHIP AND COACHING Fundamentals - September 2017 - PARIS
Coaching skills fof delegating leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who want to acquire the powerful developement potential used by professional coaches.


For our systemic coaching training programs offered in English and in Bucharest, Romania, consult the offers below. FOR LEADERS, MANAGERS AND COACHES

These courses have welcomed participants from as far Canada, Singapore, Italy, Berlin, Geneva, Madrid, Brussels, Canada, Finland, and Holland, and obviously from Romania.  In a truly international setting bridging Eastern and Western Europe, participation to the Bucharest systemic "Coaching Fundamentals" program and "METACOACH" systemic coaching workshops and supervision marathons has always been very dynamic.

Note that the Bucharest and Iasi locations are geographically close to Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and a host of other Balkan or East European countries such as Moldavia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Turkey.

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All the systemic coach training programs offered below are ACSTH (coach specific training hours) validated by the International Coach Federation (Except for the three-day Advanced Coaching Tools Workshop).  All these programs are also open to Managers and leaders who wish to develop their systemic coaching and management skills.
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The preferential reduced price posted on the right of this page concerns all registrations paid in full prior to the beginning of the event.  All other payment schemes are to be registered at the full price, using the form provided at the bottom of this page.
IN PARIS, France


I  Coaching presence: Co-creating a systemic coaching environment. September21-22, 2017
II Creating new perspectives  October 25-26, 2017
III  Establishing coaching contracts and agreements. November 23-24, 2017  
IV  Systemic Coaching perspectives. January 15-16 2018
White Exams for coaches, January 17, 2018

  • For high-potential leaders, managers, change agents and coaches (experienced or beginners) who want to acquire a natural and masterful ease in their practical use of systemic leadership and coaching skills.  The objective of this course is to achieve the minimalist elegance of management and coaching mastery.
  • For those who perceive that they need to develop their systemic leadership, manager or coach posture, with the characteristic systemic presence conducive to employee and organizational (or client) development.
Consequently, this training program on the Fundamentals of Systemic Management & Coaching Mastery is for confirmed consultants and coaches, for leaders who want to develop themselves to break through to the next level, and for high-potential managers who wish to add a coaching posture and coaching skills to their other people-management competencies and ICF Coach validation to their résumé.
Testimonials from past ''Fundamentals'' participants

Participants :  High-potential managers, leaders, consultants, internal or external coaches or future systemic coaches.  An engagement to attend the complete cycle is necessary.

Hours : 9:00h to 18:00h. Seven intensive work hours per day for 9 nine days (plus 180 hours online practice between sessions).

Coach/Trainer: Alain Cardon MCC :    an ICF ACSTH validated course (ICF)

Classical Registration:  Please retrieve, print, complete, and send the registration sheet provided by the link below.   Registrations are accepted in order of arrival, and only when accompanied by the adequate contracts.

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