Coach yourself to increase your measurable performance through an immediate, holistic, systemic self-coaching tool.

Welcome to the Metasysteme online FRACTAL SELF-COACHING JOURNEY (questionnaire and report)

Do you feel that you very regularly have the same behavioral patterns in many different settings?  Are you aware of how you start, follow-through and finish all you do, whether it is a short meeting, a longer trip, a project, a relationship, a sentence, a game, etc.?

  • This online resource is an individual and team development tool based on systemic and quantum time principles and patterns, and on a fractal paradigm of how we  deploy very similar behaviors in different areas of our personal and professional lives, often to achieve the same type of results.

After you answer a short questionnaire, your personalized report provides you with a precise understanding of when and how a you deploy your active skills as a manager, as coach or in any other professional or private endeavor.  No matter where in your life today, how do you act or react, appropriately or not, and when that is the case, how you replace appropriate skills with other less effective behaviors. 

  • The detailed report also delivers clear avenues for development.  

The systemic, fractal perspective on which this online service is based is clearly explained in the conclusion of your report and in numerous articles on this website.

HOW TO PROCEED: After making choices in a twelve-question (multiple choice) questionnaire designed as professional life journey, you will automatically be sent a 25+ page personalized report. 

  • Study your report very carefully.
  • Plan to apply the report's advice in all your current personal and professional projects, relationships, meetings, endeavors, etc., no matter their time span, from several minutes to a month or a year.
  • Also take the time to regularly come back to your report, after a few field experiences, in order to further experiment more suggestions.  This report is very complete!
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Today, do you really use your acquired skills appropriately, or could your behavioral patterns be much more effective, while doing much less work?

To offer an example, you could generally perceive yourself as being more or less creative, informational, relational, analytical, action-oriented, emotional, aligned, etc.  That is the case for most of us who have acquired those skills over our life experiences.  What we don't know is if we actually use our acquired skills appropriately when we conduct our projects, coach people, facilitate meetings, lead teams, etc.  We may just deploy these skills when they are in fact not useful, and hold them back when they could be most appropriate.

  • Not only this is the case for most people, but we each follow repetitious patterns in the way we deploy our skills to react to very different situations.  We therefore often achieve the same types of results.  This is our fractal reality. 

The fact is that over time and experience, we have all actually acquired a large range of active skills.  What we know much less is whether we have trained ourselves to deploy these competencies in a judicious, adequate, pertinent fashion in order to ensure the best results in the shortest time, with least effort.  

Indeed, if one wants to succeed more by doing much less, all that is needed is to become aware of our patterns, and then change these patterns when they are not appropriate, in order to succeed more effectively.  This will change our success patterns at home, at play and at work. to achieve better results.

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Based on a number of complementary theoretical models, on systems thinking, on quantum theory of time and space and on linguistics, this online coaching and management self-coaching questionnaire, journey and report is designed as a confronting learning experience.  Whether you are a manager, a coach, a team member or part of a network, it is conceived:

  • To give you detailed indications on your habitual collaborative, coaching or managing skills, behavioral patterns and strategies as you proceed through the steps of accompanying personal and professional partners, internal external coaching clients, meetings, projects, teams, etc. throughout your different fields of interest.
  • To provide you with you precise, practical behavioral self-coaching options to change your patters in order to become more successful. This will improve the quality or appropriateness of your acquired collaborative skills when managing and coaching yourself, other individuals and teams.


First answer the self-coaching journey questionnaire, and you will automatically receive a "freemium" online report on your preferred partnering coaching and management profile(s).   Note, however, that this first short and general report does not deliver precise information on your more complex behavioral patterns.
Should you then decide to pay a minimal contribution, you will receive over twenty PDF pages of self-coaching insights.  This includes your initial online freemium introduction, plus:

  • Detailed insights on your appropriately effective skill-sets and behavioral patterns as a manager, coach, partner or individual and team coaching manager,
  • Precise indications of your avoidance strategies and inappropriate behavioral patterns, when you are less effective, no matter your setting or field of interest.
  • A list of practical self-coaching questions, options and solutions that will allow you to concretely improve your contribution patterns when participating in partnerships and your effectiveness as coach and/or manager.

The reports

The purpose of the Manager-Coach questionnaire and self-coaching report is to help individuals and professionals improve their general coaching and management pattern effectiveness and consequently, the quality of their partnerships and relationships.  

To resume and for you, this online self-coaching service aims:

  • To help create change and improve results in all your personal and professional partnerships.
  • To provide detailed feedback on personal and professional skills and behavioral patterns, these reports are automatically compiled from a large database. 
  • Note that these reports are neither meant to be judgmental nor complacent.  They are as simple, as precise and direct as possible.

The Manager-Coach Self-Coaching questionnaire and reports rest on a systemic, fractal perspective

In a systemic frame of reference, individuals enact very similar if not identical behavioral patterns in very different personal and professional contexts, at home, work and play.

  • By observing what skills and what behavioral patterns one deploys as a coach, for example it is possible to deduct how that person manages projects, participates in meetings, relates.  It is even possible to extrapolate how that person plays golf or drives a car.

Interestingly, when one modifies these underlying patterns in one personal, professional or social realm, that change of pattern will almost automatically provoke equivalent changes in all other realms. 

Consequently, Viral change strategies are also part of a fractal or systemic perspective.  More information on systems analysis will be offered in the conclusion of your complete report.

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