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Christina Quirin, M.A.

Resident in Hamburg/Germany, and works in English and German.  Engaged in a PCC certification process (ICF)

“Have a positive attitude and spread it around, never let yourself be a victim, and for goodness’ sake – have fun.”  (Jack Welch “Winning”)

Christina offers coaching for groups and teams (organisational coaching) as well as individual coaching. She works strictly result oriented and linked to the organisation’s objectives. Frequent themes are:
- Work through current leadership questions   - Communicate convincingly, also in intercultural contexts   - Navigating through stormy weather   - Coaching of teams to increase performance   - Developing your personal career.

Christina's background is a blend of 11 years of hands-on managerial experience and thorough psychological professional experience. She has worked with people and organisations in situations of growth, conflicts and crises.  As head of communications in an international environment Christina managed transcultural projects and teams, steered external and internal communication processes. She developed and guided strategic communication in periods of political difficulties. Together with her team she won prizes and journalistic awards.  Christina developed specific training on “writing professionally in management contexts” as well as programs to train communication skills and leadership know-how.

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Dan Mocanu

Dan Mocanu a resident in Bucharest/Romania, a Romanian and US national, Dan works in English and Romanian in local and international projects.  He is currently engaged in ICF certification, and is an experienced professional in future based transformational methodologies at the individual, team and organizational level.

Dan and I have shared for hours on our personal lives and professional experiences.  He is a direct, open, generous, dynamic and loving person.  Considering these obvious personal qualities along and his multinational professional competencies, I strongly suggest you connect with him.

Dan Mocanu locuieşte în prezent în Bucureşti / România, este cetăţean român şi american, şi îşi desfăşoară activitatea în limba română şi engleză în proiecte locale şi internaţionale.  El este în prezent implicat în procesul de certificare ICF, şi este un profesionist experimentat în metodologii de transformare bazate pe rescrierea viitorului la nivel individual, de echipă şi la nivel organizatoric.
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Created by the founding members of Metasystem Inc. Face the Music will turn their conferences into extaordinary and unforgetable events by guiding their clients in the creation and production création of their own organizational "Blues".  With face the music, have your teams put into words and music the indicators of demotivation and reveal the power of creation and teamwork. Stupendous results.

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Sandy Weiner, Master Certified Coach, MEd is the Managing Partner of 1-Focus International based in Berlin, Germany and Geneva Switzerland. She has developed a 7-Step Process that her team applies to enable rapid identity development and cross-cultural integration  for M & A's and participative turnaround management through  wholistic, collaborative leadership and facilitated large scale systemic change. She and her team support the system at the individual level and across stakeholder groups. While all their change management is co-designed with the client, the approach is wholistic and applies integrated processes, such as Future Search, Open Space On-line, Appreciative Inquiry, EFQM, ... that engage up to several hundred people at a time and is supported with follow-on implementation approaches and coaching.
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Denis Cohignac  IPRAC - ESC Lyon, DEA management, CPA HEC Group , Certified by the Internationa Coaching Institute of Geneva (ICI), Affiliated professor HEC/CPA Executive MBA.  Specialised in management training and coaching transitioning systems, Founder and CEO of Formatis International.

Métasystème actively cooperates with Formatis in Eastern European countries.

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Your contact is Carmen Raican.

Metasysteme Coaching was founded December 2007.  Based in Bucharest, Romania, it organizes and delivers the Metasysteme Academy ICF validated ACSTH coach training. Metasysteme Coaching SRL also provides other management workshops based on programs which train entrepreneurs to use pertinent coaching skills to develop their potentials and achieve their goals.

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4085 Atwood Road, Stone Ridge,
New York 12484 U.S.A.
Tel: + 1 914 687-4324 Fax: + 1 914 687-2404


Your contact: Mihai Stanescu with whom I have worked in Romania, with great pleasure.Business & Life Coach in RomaniaMobile Phone: +40 723 200 815
Office Phone/Fax: +40 21 3136929

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Your contact is Pascal Baudry an excellent consultant and friend I know since 1976

2694 Bishop Drive, Suite 102 San Ramon,
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