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METASYSTEME is a global results-oriented and systemic executive coaching, team coaching and organizational coaching network radically dedicated to increasing your measurable successes through breakthrough systemic strategies.

To serve this objective, the Metasysteme network provides systemic executive coaching, team coaching, and organizational coaching, consulting and training professionals for individual and corporate clients in Continental Europe (and Eastern Europe), the Americas, Africa and the far East.  Over the past thirty five years and all over the world, our systemic executive coaching competencies have been focused on exponentially developping our client's life, executive team and organizational sustainable results.  


The international Metasysteme executive coaching and corporate coaching network is composed of individuals who share a common systemic approach and vision focused on developing and implementing executive coaching, team coaching and organization coaching processes and foster powerful systemic learning and growth environments.  These individual, executive coaching, team coaching and organizational systemic coaching strategies help achieve breakthrough client results.

Although globally active with multinational clients, Metasysteme Coaching's systemic executive coaching, life coaching and team coaching approach can be positioned at the heart of what is emerging as a distinct "Continental European" systemic executive coaching style and school of thought, working with clients while they expand to develop their full intrinsic potential.  In the continental European realm, Metasysteme Coaching is also very active developing a community of highly professional independent systemic executive coaches specialized in life coaching, leadership coaching and management coaching, team and organization coaching.

Originating in France, with a second strong base in Eastern Europe in Bucharest, Romania,  Metasysteme Coaching was created and inspired by Alain Cardon MCC, (Master Certified Coach of the ICF, International Coach Federation).  Today, Metasysteme Coaching is an active member of a global systemic executive, team and organization coaching and consulting network.

Coach Training

In continental Europe, Metasysteme provides systemic coach supervision cycles for executive and team coaches, several coach training programs on the fundamentals of systemic coaching and executive coaching mastery, and an advanced systemic coach training on team and organizational coaching: the METACOACH program. Consequently, mainly in Paris and Bucharest, Romania, in Madrid, Spain, and occasionally in other cities such as Brussels, Hamburg, and Berlin. Metasysteme offers in-depth executive coach development environments for both beginning and active systemic executive and team coaches and consultants. 

These systemic executive and team coach training, coach development and coach supervision programs are organized as a virtual school, presented under the name of the "Metasysteme Coach Academy" and posted on the left side of this page.  All our executive coach development programs are coach specific training and coach specific supervision resting on systemic and breakthrough tools equally focused on individual, executive, team and organization coaching.

As a consequence, the Metasysteme Coach Academy in Paris, Madrid and Bucharest can now boast having actively participated in the coach training of Continental European systemic executive coaching professionals from Spain, Italy, Romania, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, etc. ... and France.

All of the Metasysteme systemic executive and team coach training and coach supervision programs have long been validated by the International Coach Federation. Consequently participation in any coach supervision processes or executive coach development cycles or workshops (in Paris, Bucharest and Madrid) counts as "Approved Coach Specific Training Hours" (ACSTH) for participants that aim for the internationally recognized (if not acclaimed) ICF coach certification, or for certification renewal.

New Frontiers of Coaching

The Metasysteme executive coaching and team coaching network has constantly been very active in creative research and development on breakthrough systemic executive coaching strategies and tools.  These are now recognized as being at the heart of what is emerging as a distinct continental European coaching style.  This research and development in the systemic coaching field applied to executive, team coaching  and organization coaching have lead to numerous publications.  Over fifteen books have been published in French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian languages in the past thirty years. (see PUBLICATIONS above and articles posted on this website). 

Some developments with clients have taken us to experiment original Metasysteme Coaching executive coaching systemic strategies focused on large continental European and international networks, hundreds of executive teams and large organizational coaching events with groups of fifty to one hundred corporate coaching participants simultaneously.  These have helped boost large organizational client systems to totally transform their management cultures and reshape their success paradigms in record time.

This Website

The pages on this website are designed to be an open and generous source of information for executives, teams and organizations and a shared growth and develoment ressource for executive coaching and corporate coaching professionals and consultants.  Our aim is to distribute our knowledge and skills, actively answer your quest for information and stimulate your inspiration.  We hope to provoke new insights on how to sustainable personal, executive, team and organizational growth.  In that perspective, do not hesitate to:

  • Read the articles on our systemic executive coaching and consulting tools and approaches and what they can do for leaders, managers, teams and organizations.
  • Consult the presentations of our systemic executive coaching, team coaching and organization coaching practice, and check out our performance results described in our client testimonials.
  • Consult the leadership workshop descriptions on the one hand or enroll to follow our METACOACH systemic executive coach training and supervision programs.  For the English speaking, discover Bucharest, Romania as an executive coach-developement destination.  We are participating in the developement of a very active coach community in that country in particular, and all over Eastern Europe in general.
  • Revisit your basic executive and team coaching skills in the "Toolbox" articles, or to develop your skills in systemic coaching by participating in the executive "Coaching Fundamentals" cycle.  Note that these tools and techniques are also available for executives, managers and leaders to develop truly empowering behavior to transform the quality of their professional presence.
  • Consult our Keynote and Conference offers on communication, leadership, consulting, executive coaching and systemic team coaching and organizational coaching themes,
  • Check our glossary, and consult original and systemic key words (shaded in our texts) definitions in executive coaching, team coaching and organizational coaching, and communication,
  • Regularly consult the news section on the upper right side of this page to keep up to date with different events focused on executive coaching and corporate coaching throughout the year.
  • Become a member of the various  Metasysteme groups by joining on LINKEDIN or on Facebook: "Metasysteme Coaching"
  • Check the other language websites by clicking on the flags in the upper right hand corner of this page.  What may appear as simple translations are often very complementary articles and texts on executive coaching, team coaching and organizational coaching.
  • Sign up on the upper left side of this page and elsewhere to receive our occasional newsletter, to stay updated on changes, additions, new programs and destinations.
  • Help us develop our executive coaching and team coaching network by suggesting to other people that they visit our website and follow some of our programs.
  • Mail or call us just to establish a contact with a European Master Certified Coach (International Coach Federation).  We take pleasure in our relationships.
Alain Cardon MCC (Master Certified Coach)
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