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Metasysteme's origin goes back to the creation of Transformation Management Consultants in 1976, in Paris, France. This training and consulting firm was focused on adapting Transactionnal Analysis theory and methods to the corporate environment.  The main areas of application were in communications and management training programs and in marketing analysis.

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During its first years, Transformation developed its own original style and a very performing training approach based on practical and behavioral exercises. During the eighties, Transformation progressively grew.  The team gradually focused on Systems Analysis and applications in team building, team development, and then team coaching.  At this time Transformation often used outdoor training technology, under the EXTRA MUROS brand.

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In 1992, Metasysteme S.A. is founded as a holding company coordinating several organizations including Transformation S.A., Transformation Ecole centered on consultant training and development, and Metasystem Inc. in New York State. During the '90s, the Metasysteme group focused on accompanying larger worldwide organizations.  The activity becomes international to the point of accounting for more than 50% of the total income.

Complete reconfigurations take place in 1997: Metasystem Inc. in the US becomes independent. Transformation Ecole in Paris is gradually sold changes its name to Mozaik International.   Metasysteme France absorbs Transformation and downsizes to become a virtual "office-free" company.   Since the the "ex" Transformation team members and "ex" affiliated companies continue developing their independent practice.

In 2007, Metasysteme Coaching is founded in Bucharest as an totally independent Romanian "sister" company to Metasysteme France.  Today Metasysteme in France and Metasysteme Coaching in Romania are partners in a worldwide network of project-centered companies and independent coaches who share a common set of values, a vision, shared tools and projects.  You can discover these on this and other affiliated websites.