Systemic Executive and Team Coaching Workshops for Coaches, Consultants, Leaders and Managers

All the team coaching workshops presented below are open to participation by leaders and managers.


The METACOACH program is tailored to develop competent team and organizational systemic coaching professionnals.  It is an ICF-validated ACSTH coach training program.

Attendance to the full Metacoach team coach training program - four workshops plus at least five days of supervision - meets the requirements as an ACSTH coach training program either in order to apply for ICF certification and qualifies to apply for ICF membership.

Any segment of the METACOACH team coaching training program:

  • Counts for 14 ICF CCEUs for each Workshop attendance, and for 7 CCEUs plus one hour of individual mentoring for each day of Supervision attendance.
  • Is completely open: experience what you want in any order you want.
  • Is shared and franchise-free: no strings attached. It is up to you to learn and immediately implement each and all the offered systemic Metacoach team coaching tools.
  • Is designed for any beginning or confirmed executive coach, consultant, internal or external coach, trainer, executive coach, network coach or team coach,
  • Is focused on developing systemic executive coaching, leader coaching, team coaching and organization coaching competencies and skills,
  • Is delivered in person by Alain Cardon, MCC (International Coach Federation) in English or French.
  • Can be delivered anywhere in the world for groups of up to twenty self-organized independent coaches or more formal coach teams that practice their profession within a coaching organization.
  • Can be included within a coaching school or larger team coach training program (as a visiting professor).
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The METACOACH coach training workshops and supervision are regularly delivered in

  • Paris France (in French)
  • Bucharest, Romania (in English)
  • In Madrid, Spain (in English and Spanish)

Participants in the Bucharest METACOACH training program also come from the immediate region such as from Moldavia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Turkey.  Some have come from as far as Spain, Geneva, Brussels, Finland, Germany, Italy, and even Canada.

Other METACOACH workshops have been organized in Amsterdam, Hamburg and Berlin, Lyon, Marseille, Barcelona

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Training in a small group in central France

The four workshops presented below are designed as active learning environments within which coaches, executives and leaders mix and are expected to gain new awareness, change perspectives, acquire practical tools, practice new behaviors, set objectives for change in their personal and professional lives, and develop networks with other participants.

The workshop designs rest on delegated learning processes and some individual coaching.  They generally model an empowering management approach. This learning architecture allows each participant to actively learn by practicing and experimenting at their own rhythm, so as to come to their own conclusions and decisions.  In short, the four workshops below model learning processes that are in keeping with fundamental coaching principles.

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PROGRAM:  Two intense days of theory and practice on a systemic pattern diagnostic approach that equally applies to individuals, teams and organizations.  Consequently very useful when coaching any or all of these.  This is a truly original systemic perspective focused on how categories of processes, forms, shapes and patterns can help us define system profiles. From cities to continents, from schools of fish to families, from ISIS to social clubs,. from multinationals to anthills, etc. 

The workshop will concern a fractal diagnostic perspective that equally apply to individuals, teams, organizations, as all other systems.  How do similar patterns and shapes caracterize all systems? How do all individual, collective, private, professional, social and political systems grow, evolve, dissolve, transform, mutate, evolve in time, reconfigure, etc?

Outcomes:  The participants will acquire:

  • A clear understanding of their own pattern profile: including their personal potential and challenges as team members, executives, managers, coaches or consultants.  Knowing one's key  process patterns and its dormant potential is of the utmost importance when facing others or a team, when participating in system growth, when coaching developmental processes, etc.

  • A revisited understanding of teams as performance achievers and project management systems and the central part they play in organizations.  A clear understanding of system phases of development, of how to accompany each phase.
  • A deeper knowledge of four team and organizational cultures based on their key patterns: how to adapt one's coaching and management strategies to help each one of them benefit from its full specific potential.  How to accompany cultural change?

Training to the online systemic Self-Coaching Journey, to accompany individuals and teams as they diagnose their own pattern limits, and develop tap into their intrinsic potentials. This tool can be central in a personal and team coaching processes.  

Connections with other existing management models, such as Blake and Mouton, Hersey and Blanchard, Process Communication (Taïbi Kahler), time management models, motivational models, ethnological models, etc.

A general, practical introduction to systemic theory as it applies to leadership, project management, organization development, family coaching, team coaching, organizational coaching, etc.

Basic knowledge of coaching or management is necessary, as this workshop will not cover the fundamentals of a coaching or managerial posture.

It is highly recommended to prepare this workshop by experiencing the Online Self-Coaching Journey presented on the Metasysteme-Coaching website home page.

Trainer: Alain Cardon MCC, one of the foremost internationally recognized specialists on systemic coaching and team coaching.

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Two intensive days to acquire specific skills to better lead individuals and teams as performance-focused collaborative environments.  This advanced workshop is specifically tailored for entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, project and network managers, team and organizational coaches and team development consultants.

Outcomes: Participants will acquire:

  • A clearly defined and new systemic understanding of how to develop teams into results-oriented and truly participative, empowered organizational environments.
  • A set of specific tools to help each create such an environment in their own teams and organizations or the ones they accompany as consultants and coaches.  These tools are free of royalties and can be immediately applied by professionals following the workshop.
  • A new comprehensive understanding of  the framework that allows for effective delegation in the teams each participant leads as a leader or manager or accompanies as a coach.
  • Personal behaviors that will help each define and assume pertinent positions as team members, team leaders or team coaches.
  • A new awareness and tools to accompany large systems of fifty or more employees as these work on achieving strategic and operational success.
  • New tools to effectively develop collaborative behaviors, clarify information flow, stop rumors,  make  and communicate collective  decisions, follow up action plans, etc. in performing teams  and organizations.

This workshop delivers a transformational model that can be implemented within client teams either with a training and consulting approach, or be gradually "revealed" with a systemic team coaching or organizational process. It has proved its effectiveness in numerous client teams, to help achieve much better measurable results on the one hand, and to help change management cultures and behaviors on the other.

Consequently the systemic delegation model offers a communication architecture that permits a gradual shift in team and organization paradigms and cultures. It facilitates collective growth towards better transversality, ownership, accountability, team maturity, focus on results, confrontation, and general business sense.

Basic understanding of management and coaching is necessary as this workshop will not cover the fundamentals of a management or coaching posture.

Trainer : Alain Cardon MCC, foremost internationally recognized specialist in executive and team coaching.

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A two-day workshop for leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants.

Two intense days of theory and practice on how to radically change personal and corporate frames of references concerning the way individuals, teams and organizations set goals, in order to achieve extraordinary results.

Outcomes:  Participants will engage in practical work concerning their businesses, such as:

  • Revisit their current year goals and expected outcomes in the fields and dimensions of their choice, and reevaluate them in the light of their full potentials.
  • Replace limiting personal and corporate self-confirming beliefs and behavior patterns concerning possible achievements with others that can permit the full expression of their talents and potentials.
  • Acquire a process by which they can accompany their teams, organizations and clients to achieve extraordinary financial, growth, quality, safety, etc. results in a very short period of time.
  • Reconsider their frames of reference in order to lead their personnel, teams and organizations to overachieve, or develop by 20% or more yearly.
  • Learn a delegation process focused on outcomes that can help their teams and organizations develop to expressing their full potential.
  • Develop the appropriate posture to accompany individual, team and organizational clients while they design and implement success patterns to become the performance benchmarks in their fields. 

Basic understanding of management and coaching is necessary as this workshop will not cover the fundamentals of a management or coaching posture.

Trainer:  Alain Cardon MCC, Foremost internationally recognized specialist on executive and team coaching.

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This two-day workshop is designed around a goal-setting and achievement exercise that reveals individual and collective risk-management patterns strategies and processes.  It has been successfully used to accompany risk management for airline pilots, bankers, entrepreneurs, sales forces, high potential sports champions, etc.  Be prepared to actively participate, i.e. discover your own success patterns and decide if how you may want to improve them.

Outcomes:  Participants will:

  • Explore and revisit their current risk-management processes in how they set goals and achieve results in the fields and dimensions of their choice.
  • Get firsthand experiential learning on the effects of comparative benchmarking, competition, rewards, recognition, peer pressure, hierarchy, etc. on their risk management patterns and results.
  • Know which limiting personal and corporate beliefs, behavior patterns, processes and procedures need to be modified or replaced to achieve better risk management and more satisfactory results. 
  • Acquire a practical tool by which they can accompany their teams, organizations and clients to reconsider how they manage risk (or non-risk) to achieve better financial, growth, quality, safety, etc. results in a very short period of time.
  • Reconsider their frames of reference as to why and how some people, teams and organizations overachieve, or yearly develop by 20% or more.
  • Learn criteria that can allow them to better manage or coach projects, careers, business ventures, sales teams, or any situation focused on achieving goals.
  • Develop the appropriate posture to accompany their personnel, teams and organizations to design and implement success patterns and become the performance benchmarks in their own fields.

Basic understanding of management and coaching is necessary as this workshop will not cover the fundamentals of a management or coaching posture.

Trainer:  Alain Cardon MCC, Foremost internationally recognized specialist on executive and team coaching.


Supervision programs have been organized as yearlong cycles - one day per month, or as occasional three-day marathons. 

They are structured and organized so as to model team work, executive team meetings, to volunteer and solve personal and professional issues, to  develop systemic coaching presence, to work on professional ambitions and action plans, to practice key coaching skills, to develop strategy, to learn to mentor, etc.   All this is covered simultaneously, in a systemic fashion, in groups of no more than fifteen participants. 


Attendance to any of the systemic METACOACH team coaching training workshops presented above or to the METACOACH supervision and mentoring sessions all provide ICF CCEUs (7 CCE hours per day of training or supervision).  

Attending all of these is an ACStH team-coaching training program validated by the ICF.

The  Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching is another Metasysteme ACSTH coach training program more focused on individual coaching.   This ICF validation guarantees both the quality of these coach training programs and their appropriatenes to your coach training and development concerns.

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