Systemic Group Supervision and Mentoring For Executive and team Coaching Professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions on Coaching Supervision

The Metacoach systemic coach supervision and mentoring learning environment is a collective  co-learning group for established professionals.  This coach supervision process is creatively designed 

  • to supervise individual life or executive coaching skills and
  • to supervise and train coaches to implement team coaching methodology. 

The collective setting for coach superision is designed to model executive team client team structure and process, such as one that could be observed in performing executive team meetings.   Much as in a monthly executive meeting rhythm, this coach supervision cycle unfolds over a full ten days, one day per month spread over one year.

Consequently, this systemic coach supervision and mentoring group learning process  is structured as a "systemic learning team" or organization.  Within it, the participants can choose to develop either or both dimensions of their coaching competencies, at their own pace:

  • coach supervision of their executive coaching or life coaching skills and
  • coach supervision of their team master coaching skills.


Since 2007, an ongoing English language coach supervision cycle is active in Bucharest, Romania, and since 2001, other ongoing French language groupd are active in Paris, Lyon and Montpellier France and Madrid, Spain.   Other coach supervison groups have occasionally operated  in Brussels and Marseille.

Tor contact us to attend the coach supervision cycle in ROMANIA

The systemic life coaching supervision, executive coaching supervision and team coaching supervision process described below is designed and led by Alain Cardon MCC.  When attendance is coupled with the ACSTH METACOACH WORKSHOPS, supervision programs meet the requirements to apply for ICF certification.  When attended independently, they provide 7 hours of ICF CCEUs plus one hour of individual mentoring for each day of attendence.


The Metacoach coaching supervision groups aims to develop confirmed practitioners in two main dimensions:

•The professionalism, creativity and pleasure in their systemic executive coaching, team coaching and consulting competencies.
•The capacity to develop their sales, their marketing, their products, their success strategies, their "business sense", their capacity to network and cooperate with peers, to write and publish, etc.


In these two dimensions and over a year-long cycle (one day per month) the systemic coach supervision group aspires to become a "learning network" or mentoring team for each executive coach, team coach or consultant participant.

  • The coach supervision group stays resolutely practical and operational. Executive and life coaching, and team coaching training and learning occurs through modeling and practice.
  • The coach supervision process is a systemic co-learning experimentation environment where new executive coaching and team coaching practices and stategies are tested rather than presented.
  • The coach supervision group questions and challenges each of its members in order to stimulate personal and professional growth and development.
  • The coach supervision group members practice positive confrontation of their differences and respect their diversity of approaches.
  • For each coach, the coach supervision group is a personnal sharing and professional support and mentoring network.

The structure of the Metacoach systemic coaching supervision and mentoring group is designed to permit multiple applications of Systems Analysis applied to the executive coaching and team coaching professions and to its strategic practice. (this is further developed below)

The coaching supervision group accepts and integrates all areas of prior theoretical training and approaches that apply to exectutive coaching, life coaching and team coaching. Focused on practice, the Metacoach supervision and mentoring groups are not limited to the use of any one theoretical or conceptual field.

For those who wish to acquire a solid foundational training to executive coaching or team coaching theory and practice, we strongly recommend prior attendance to a certified school or cursus such as the "coaching fundamentals course proposed on this website. Check with the International Coach Federation to find other certified coach training providers.

For those coaches who wish to acquire knowledge or develop their practice in other specific theoretical fields such as T.A., N.L.P., P.C.M., Gestalt, Jung, Systems Analysis, etc, we strongly recommend attendance in certified organizations competent to deliver vaidating professional training.  The METACOACH coaching supervision groups are strictly focused on coaching.


It is understood that within Metacoach coaching supervision and mentoring groups:

  • all work demonstated by each participant and
  • all reference to precise clients

remains strictly confidential.

Futhermore, the Metacoach systemic coach supervision, mentoring and training groups accept and apply the coaching profession code of ethics as defined by the International Coach Federation.


The administration (applications, invoicing, etc.) of all Metacoach mentoring and supervision groups are managed by Métasystème Coaching

The coaching supervision groups are « semi-open » :

  • Each participant commits to a first ten-day cycle (one day per month over a year's lapse of time, on mondays and/or fridays), and can prolong by any number of five-day supplementary commitments. The calendar is determined a year ahead of time.
  • They continuously accepts new members with a maximum limit of fifteen participants.


The operating process of the systemic executive coaching and team coaching Metacoach supervision and mentoring groups is "emerging", delegated and evolutive.

The coaching supervision group processes, operating principles and rules, and a good part of its day to day organization are co-defined by its members and are principally centered on the performing development of their systemic executive coaching and team coaching competencies.

These processes, rules, and operating principles are evolutive as they can be modified in the course of time depending on the group's maturation, the appearance of new objectives, the arrival of new members, the definition of new work models and other coach training imperatives.

Each Metacoach coaching supervision and mentoring session is managed under the shared responsibility of all its members. This can concern:

  • arranging for a work location,
  • bringing real-life executive coaching and team coaching supervision issues,
  • coaching these executive coaching and team coaching issues, and sharing commentaries and options for future development and improvement
  • moderating the day's work and co-managing the coaching supervision group processes.
  • moderating and/or coaching collective sequences concerning the mentoring group's processes,

All these responsabilities are assumed by each participant in turn on a volunteer basis and occur within the group Metacoach coaching supervision, mentoring and training context.


Each each team coaching, executive coaching or consultant participant is fully responsible for his or her own learning process. This includes:

  • the intensity, the rhythm and the content of their work
  • proposing executive coaching and team coaching real-life situations for group coaching supervision and mentoring
  • their comprehension and the content of their personal conclusions following each coaching supervision and mentoring sequence.

Each participating member in the coach supervision groups is therefore invited to be fully responsible for the consequences of their perceptions and communication, for regularly expressing their training needs and for their professional choices.

Furtheremore, each is invited to actively participate in the coach supervision group systemic "co-management" process, to ensure its perfomance and the respect of its operating principles proposed by the group mentor or supervisor and validated by each and everyone.

In as much as the Metacoach systemic coaching supervision and mentoring groups for executive and team coaching professionals is not a therapeutical environment, each participant is stongly advised to arrange for another environment to provide for more personal or psychological support (personal development group, therapy, etc.).


The Metacoach coaching supervision, mentoring and training operating principles restson a shared strategic and "systemic" group learning process. A Systems Approach structure permits the simultaneous integration of group work on several different levels of reality:

  • First as a diagnostic and developemental tool that can be applied to each "real life" executive coaching or team coaching case study or problem proposed by any of the participants.

Client case study or problem proposed by a participant.

  • Second as a diagnostic and developmental tool to propose strategic options for the future practice of the participant who proposes the case study.or problem for supervision.

Strategic options for the participant who presents the client case or problem.

  • Third as a diagnostic and developmental tool to deliver future options to the 'here and now" coach in the mentoring or supervision situation and who helps the participant clarify his or her executive coaching or team coaching "real life" case study or problem.

Coaching supervision or mentoring of the participant's coach within the Metacoach environment.

  • Fourth as a diagnostic and developmental tool applied to the Metacoach coaching supervision or mentoring process as a metaphor of a "learning network" or team within peer or hierarchic relationships depending on situations and perceptions. This level permits a continuous reflexion on the operating modes of the Metacoach supervision, mentoring and training process and guarantees it's potential for evolution.

Questioning of Metacoach supervision group operating modes

  • Fifth as a diagnostic and developmental tool applied to the coaching supervision, mentoring, training and modeling proposed by the group supervisior, and to search for new creative executive coaching and team coaching options for the future of the profession.

Group supervisor or mentor and coaching practice level

The analysis and integration of all these different levels permits:

  • The simultaneous application of Systems Analysis in multible related realms revealing numerous parallels characteristic of a systemic coaching practice.
  • The discovery of numerous options for development of each participant's future sistemic practice in both executive coaching and team coaching situations.

This training, mentoring and learning process is profitable both on a personal and professional level for each participant. It concerns all potential executive coaching and team coaching interpersonal interfaces within the Metacoach supervision and mentoring group as a "learning environment" network or team.


As the interaction between these different systemic coaching supervision or mentoring levels demonstrate, the Metacoach systemic supervision group is designed as a coherent and evolutive teaching whole. It is the equivalent of a learning "network team" structured to permit experimentation, modeling and personal development through a permanently evolving systemic collective process.

In that light it's seasonal and life cycles, its operating modes, its internal processes and the complexity of its contunuously reconfigured internal interfaces make the coaching supervision group a collective "systemic experiment" that permits:

  • The exploration, training and learning of diverse approaches and techiques for breakthrough executive coaching and team coaching practice
  • Numerous opportunities for executive coaching and team coaching supervision, mentoring and training for each participant to grow and professionally develop.