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Metasysteme Coaching‘s success fundamentally rests on a very specific, behavioral and highly innovative systemic coaching approach.  This approach integrates original linguistic skills to implement novel biological and quantum theory frames of reference with an intimate, almost contemplative, spiritual personal posture. This practical professional coach stance embraces obvious evidence that a-causal coherencies and fractal resonances bridge our coach-and-client inner worlds and material realities.

A systemic coach paradigm embraces the perspective that one same underlying truth orchestrates a holographic universal unity. This unity is manifest in our lives, in our souls and in our material environments through shared patterns and meaning.

With intense training to acquire skills in a specific range of behavior and dialogue, a systemic coach can develop access and presence to a witde range of synchronic resonances, In their everyday personal lives, Metasysteme Coaching professionals continuously learn to embrace this systemic perspective.

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The “coaching fundamentals” systemic coach training program detailed below provides a comprehensive learning process both for confirmed coaches and for beginners in the coaching field.  This coach-training cycle is ACSTH certified by the International Coach Federation an/or provides equivalent CCEU hours.

Beyond the coach population, our proposed systemic coaching skill set can very usefully concern all those who wish to learn how to use performing communication tools for in other related fields.  Among other professionals, this can concern leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, recruiters, sales representatives, consultants, HR professionals, trainers, journalists, etc.

The powerful dimension of this relatively short coach training cycle rests on its original learning architecture, in total coherence with the spirit of systemic coaching.  The learning process is immediately focused on acquiring advanced coaching skills, addressing each participant as a potential master systemic coach rather than as a beginner.   The taught skills are distilled to their finest practical dimension, exempt of superfluous theory. The resulting accelerated learning process is focused on acquiring the art (know-how) of essential masterful systemic coaching.

The total "Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching" training program represents a relatively complete practical educational program on the true core or soul of masterful systemic coaching. This comprehensive program also includes participation in :

  • A highly structured community of extensively practice systemic coach skills.
  • A full day of supervision and mentoring to prepare for future development as a coach

Participants need to commit to attend the whole program.

HOW : Each two-day session is conceived as a focused and practical behavioral training environment focused on acquiring systemic coaching skills (know-how). The participants will find a setting where they will be asked to actively practice real-life learning situations focused on acquiring behavioral coaching skills and communication techniques.  By following this program, participants learn to become advanced systemic coaches.

WHERE : Bucharest (in English), Madrid and Santiago, Chile (Spanish),  Paris (in French). The precise address for each program in the above locations are communicated to participants following their enrollment.

Note that the Romania location is geographically close to Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and a host of other Balkan or East European countries.  Participants in the Bucharest Coaching School may also come from Moldavia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Turkey, and has attracted students from as far as Finland and Italy.  The Madrid and Santiago "Fundamentals" program is the only one offered in Western Europe in English.

The “Fundamentals” coach training program can also be organized online, in other locations and “in-house” within organizations for any constituted group of twenty participants.

TRAINER :  Buchares and Paris: Alain Cardon, MCC (Master Certified Coach- International Coach Federation).

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  I   CO-CREATING A SYSTEMIC COACHING RELATIONSHIP / The systemic coaching posture
2-day behavioral training workshop
 Presentation: Participants inclusion, online training process operating procedures. Work groups (coach, client, observer), phone-work operating processes.


Introduction to coaching.  Definition of systemic coaching, dialogue vs la discussion, an « art of conversation » ?
Practical and progressive introduction to each skill:

  • Presence to system resonance patterns. Listening skills in one-on-one and collective coaching environments, silence vacuum, verbal punctuation.
  • Attentive presence and posture, creating availability and offering a development environment, receptive attitudes, body language. 
  • Passive and active prodding, pacing.  Creating inner vacuum & silence, quieting stress.  Interruption.  Focus onspace and time patterns in client context
  • Effective synthesis to create client silence
  • Linguistic clarification, the strategic use of interruptions.
  • Sharing perceptions of systemic resonances, intuitions. Ethical resonances.  Dealing with confusion and chaos, welcoming emerging solutions.
  • Introduction to auditive/phone coaching

Each skill will be extensively practiced by each participant in small groups, during five to ten-minute sequences plus future-oriented debriefs.


  • Definition of a professional target, development tracking. 
  • Prospect portfolio development
  • Targeting managerial and other communication situations where the use of oaching tools will prove useful or effective
  • Personal and professional issues, ambitions, goals, decisions, options, action plans 
  • Personal follow up and reality checking in work groups.

----------------------------------------------- community (phone) work between sessions

II  CO-CREATING NEW PERSPECTIVES / Questions & Altering or Expanding Client
2-day behavioral training workshop

Progress sharing and evaluation by the participants.
Definition of the work groups (coach, client, observer), operating process. 

  • Systemic and standard questions as communication scalpels : open, closed, directed, neutral and powerful.
  • Questions, focused on emerging and systemic solutions. Paradoxical questions.  Creating confusion.
  • Questions to create silence, transform client frame of reference.
  • Time, space, emotion, hypothetical, qualities, etc. systemic questions
  • Questions focused on who the client is and on how the client proceeds rather than on the content of his or her personal dialo gue.
  • The use of coaching skills when selling coaching services  
  • The common coach trap of rhetorical questioning.

Each technique will be extensively practiced by each participant in small groups, during five to ten-minute sequences.

THEMES: Linguistics in coaching, powerful communication, complementary discussions concerning the art of enlarging one's frame of reference can be proposed.

-----------------------------------------------community (phone) work between sessions

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2-day behavioral training workshop

Progress sharing and evaluation by the participants.
Definition of the work groups (coach, client, observer), operating process.


  • Questions to explore client challenges, needs  and stakes
  • Time management in systemic coaching
  • Contract/agreement clarification : values, objectives, means, ethics, etc. measures and measurement instruments.
  • Triangular contract negotiation, politics in complex coaching relationships.
  • Contracting for internal and external network to ensure client support.
  • Written verbal contracts & agreements.
  • Anti-sabotage focus. Mentioning coaching ethics.
  • Different levels of client-coach agreements in coaching  (process/session/sequence/project/confrontation agreements)


Complementary issues can be covered :

  • Prescribing diagnostics, coaching diagnostics.
  • Coaching rhythms, strategic lengths or sequences and sessions, etc.
  • Contract and agreement « games », modifying contracts, concluding contracts,
  • Session agreements and coaching session time management.
  • Agreements for questions/reformulations/expressing perceptions. Homework and follow-up contracts,
  • Ethics in coaching contracts.

-----------------------------------------------community (phone) work between sessions

2-day behavioral training workshop

Progress sharing and evaluation by the participants.
Definition of the work groups (coach, client, observer), operating process.


Revisit and consolidation of the systemic coaching tools covered in previous sessions.  

  • Systemic and projective techniques in coaching, deferred and live coaching or shadow coaching.
  • Working with client constellations. Co-participating in the coach-client issues.
  • Client – coach relationship indicators and resonance, and how to use these with a metaphorical approach. 
  • The coach – client fractal relationship, strategic use of transference and counter transference.
  • Holistic parallels in coach and client relationships.
  • Strategic choice of “high” and “low” positions in coaching.

Each technique will be extensively practiced by each participant in small groups, during five to ten-minute sequences.

THEMES : Some complementary themes can be covered :

Presentation of systems approach principles as they apply to coaching.  Introduction to systemic supervision.

  • The scapegoat process, family constellations, systemic games. 
  • Coaching potentials inherent to client interfaces, contracts for projective work sequences, use of video, flip charts, drawings, etc.  
  • Space management (Gestalt), time management (future projections), Integrating environmental participation.
  • Triangulation.Recursive strategies and questioning.
  • The use of paradoxical strategies, paradoxical questions and affirmations.
-------------------------------------------------Post-training community (phone) support

1 day 

Information and preparation to the  ICF certification and tapes – collective supervision and personal mentoring (included iin the price for participating in the four “fundamentals” workshops) preparation for supervision contexts.  This day of collective supervision also counts as 1 hour of personal mentoring for ICF certification.

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