Executive coaching & coaching leaders to develop breakthrough performance results

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  • Coaching leaders to formulate vision and strategy without having another's personal, professional or structural issues come in the way of your quest
  • To share your perceptions and clarify strategic issues when operating in an unfamiliar or foreign environment, leadership coaching can accompany decision making and acction planning in intercultural contexts.
  • To clarify your personal motivation, ambitions, strategies, objectives and action plans, consider executive coaching with a professional you can trust.
  • Leadership coaching is an arena in which you can practically develop a more strategic and multicultural vision of your business.
  • When your professional and team environment is caught-up in short-term and local crisis-management mode, executive coaching can provide you with the necessary distance.
  • To let your creativity loose, and find new breakthrough, strategic, original and practical options with a "sparring-partner", leadership coaching opens doors and windows into new perspectives.
  • A very focused and intensive executive coaching process can also accompany through any short-term crisis management period.
  • Leadership coaching conversations wil provide the time and distance to evaluate your strategies, your actions, your ressources, your challenges, your capacity to change perspective and then redirect your and your executive team's future.
  • Executive coaching to help you develop a keen appreciation for diversity in all human intenational, intercultural contexts.
  • Strategic leadership coaching for a more demanding and confronting relationship while you go through a major and vital team, professional or organizational transition.
  • Executive coaching will get out of the solitude of long-distance runners and help you confidentially share your personal questions and doubts with a listener you can trust.

There are numeous excellent professional and team reasons that can motivate you to  engage in a leadership coaching or executive coaching relationship.

By phone or face to face, regularly or as needed, for a few minutes or a number of hours, in a national or intercultural context, you define your own most convenient and useful executive coaching rhythm.

For executive & leadership coaching, directly contact Alain Cardon MCC (Master Certified Coach), at 33 (0) 6 07 97 84 72


The first 100 days of a new mission, of a professional move, of a re-engineering process, of a new individual or team project or again of a merger or acquisition are quite comparable to a "honeymoon" period.  Consider what three months of intensive "transitioning" executive coaching can do to ensure a solid foundation for leadership innovation and changes.

Most often during executive and leadership transitional periods, operational concerns are central and strategic issues are postponed to become almost inexistant.  Time availability disappears and crisis management becomes the ruling operating personal and team procedure.  Leadership coaching and executive coaching can be very useful to help boost transitioning processes to lay your foundations for success.

Rather than taking time to thouroughly analyze new settings or waiting to get a feel of the situation or see what's coming, the first 100 days of any transition are the ones on which executive and team's future are built. With executive coaching, this is the best time to very rapidly implement the strategic foundations that will ensure future executive success.

Hesitation breeds hesitation, postponing breeds postponing, analysis calls for more analysis, planning calls for more planning.  Executive coaching focused on decisions and action feeds more action: Immediate and focused executive decisions and strategic moves will rapidly let you and your team know where you stand and what needs to be done.  Consequently, the "first hundred days" are by far the best time for a leader and team to implement an executive coaching or executive team coaching process.

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To benefit from the numerous opportunities that invariably occur during transmission periods, the "first hundred days" are also and by far the best period for a departing leader, a successor and an executive team to undertake an exectuive coaching process (see "team coaching" on this website).

Over the years, we have developped performing executive coaching processes to involve executives or leaders and their teams in the preparation and follow up of transmission processes between departing senior executives or CEOs and their future replacement. This transmission leadership coaching process helps executives and their organizations avoid predictable fear and uncertainty in order to transform the leadership change into an immediately profitable springboard for opportunities, both in national and intercultural contexts.


A large number of executive issues are not proper to a leader's personality but occur precisely within his or her numerous social, professional, team and political interfaces.  All these interfaces can be improved with executive coaching.

When an executive succeeds it is often because all executive partnerships and interfaces are solid and strategic. When an executive fails, the reasons often originate in a poor estimate of the strength and viability of partnerships that have become vital to ensure the executive's and organization's success.

Executive coaching focuses on the consolidation of all those key partnerships and relationships: present and future executive team members, commercial and financial partners, external growth and development relays, priviledged suppliers and clients, key investissors, partnerships within key strategic national or intercultural mergers or acquisitions, supportive financial establissements... can represent numerous risks and high potential.  They can be vital to executive and organizational success, and can be well planned and improved through executive coaching.

The quantity and the quality of the vital interfaces that executives and CEOs can and must develop depend on his or her motivations, personal choice strategies, instinctive dynamics and risk management.  All these parameters can be approached in executive coaching to better serve as a foundation to establish solid executive partnerships. These merit coaching, questioning, confrontation, exploration and confirmation in a creative and trusting confidential executive coaching relationship.

National and intercultural professional partnership choices can therefore be accompanied with executive coaching, within a strategic executive coaching relationship. This partnership-development executive coaching helps an executive make an inventory of his or her actual or potiential interfaces to secure the development of short and long-term professional and organizational success.



The Meta-management collective executive coaching and "co-supervision" or mentoring process (so far reserved for professional team-coach training or Metacoach supervision) is now made available to training departments for in-house groups of executive coaches, managers and executives. (also see the presentation of the manager-coach training program on this website).

The objective of the Meta-management executive coaching and "supervision" or mentoring process is to answer the growing demand for an executive coaching approach that can take into account the need for executives and managers to develop both their personal and their "teamwork" or intenal network competencies within a collective executive coaching context.

The Meta-management executive coaching supervision or mentoring process is tailored to permit "on-site" coaching of executive participant's in order to improve their capacity to actively contribute to transversal, network or "distributed" collective projects and teamwork.  The Meta-management collective executive coaching program is an excellent process for developing internal project managers.

The Meta-management executive coaching, mentoring and supervision process is a ten-day cursus (one day per month) for a group of ten to fifteen internal executives or manager.  It offers a powerful leaning environment for collective coaching of leadership and followership competencies.

The Meta-management group structure, its organization, its executive coaching-facilitation and the work towards individual and collective objectives are managed and coached through a "delegated" process that helps develop each participant's active responsibility in a teamwork setting focused on measurable results.

Contact us and consult the "manager-coach" section on this website for more information on this executive coaching and mentoring  process, and to implement one or more management or executive "supervision groups" within your organization.

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