The Metasysteme Coach Academy Philosophy
Introducing a New Systemic Concept in Masterful Coach Training and Development

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Systemic coaching rests on a totally inclusive frame of reference or reality principle. To illustrate, systemic coaches perceive themselves as participating observers who are totally involved within their client contexts, within their client issues, within their client objectives and ambitions, within their client behavioral patterns, within their client processes and results. 
 Intimately participating in both client issues and client solutions, systemic coach is never external nor neutral to client quests.

In short, client concerns and coach personal and professional issues are perceived as totally entwined, or as active parts of one same whole. 
 From within this common or shared context, the systemic coach process consists in intimately partnering with the client in order to explore new options and grow together, as would one inseparable unit.

From this systemic coaching frame of reference emerges a particular posture and an original way of embracing all the tools and skills specific to the coaching profession. This systemic approach powerfully multiplies both coach and client transformational capacities.  Teaching systemic coaching is the purpose of the Metasysteme Coach Academy.

The Metasysteme Coach Academy is a virtual coaching school that offers congruent, systemic and comprehensive learning environments focused on developing existing and potential systemic master coaches no matter their level of perceived competency.  The Metasysteme Coach Academy offers a full International Coach Federation ACSTH validated coach-training and coach-supervision program in Paris, France (French), in Bucharest, Romania (English), and in Madrid, Spain (Spanish).

Coaching is Focused on Form and Process, not on Content

The Metasysteme Coaching Academy is congruent with this fundamental coaching posture.  More than a traditional coaching school focused on teaching tools and strategies, the workshops and cycles offered by the Metasysteme Coach Academy are designed to offer form and process-oriented systemic learning environments which permit each participant to satisfy their quest for development by living breakthrough transformational learning experiences.  More than just teach coaching, the Metasysteme Coach Academy aims to develop each participant's potential as a master systemic coach.

Systemic Coaching Mastery is an Art of Being

Although some workshop presentations on this website may seem to be centered on teaching skills and tools, each Metasysteme Coach Academy cycle and workshop is tailored to help participants fundamentally reconsider their personal and professional frame of reference, reshape their belief systems and transform their paradigms about life, time, health, clients, success, organizations, teams, families, people and themselves.  

Consequently, rather than being a coaching school focused on acquiring conceptual and behavioral skills, the Metasysteme Coach Academy learning environments are also designed to offer participants profound and systemic personal and professional transformational learning opportunities to help them unfold their naturally imbedded, existing masterful coaching competencies.

Clients are Individuals

There are as many ways to exist and develop in excellence as there are clients, coaches, personalities and people. Consequently, each Metasysteme Coach Academy learning environment provides an open systemic framework for participants to discover their own form of masterful coaching, at their own pace.   In our frame of reference, the best way for each person to become a masterful coach is by simply learning to be fully present to their own pre-existing mastery, and  then to simply let it unfold.

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The Power is in the Client

In keeping with the philosophy of systemic coaching, the Metasysteme Coach Academy aims to teach the art of coaching principally by addressing each participant’s full potential and by letting emerge their pre-existing master coach competencies.  We thus consider that each of our participants are creative, ethical, powerful, and humanly competent peers capable of directly learning the art of masterful coaching from each other, in delegated learning environments.  Consequently in the Metasysteme Coach Academy, the time devoted to exposing theory is minimal and all references to simple, standardized tools and procedures for "begining" coaching  are simply avoided.

Consequently all the Metasysteme Coach Academy cycles and workshops are highly participative and delegated collective learning environments designed to immediately and repeatedly immerse each participant in personally and professionally challenging transformational processes.  These allow each to rapidly access and develop the essential simplicity of masterful systemic coaching.

During their quest for developing excellence in the Metasysteme Coach Academy, each participant practices in turn

  • being a masterful coach,
  • being a coaching client and
  • being a coach developer and supervisor 

The object of each of the Metasysteme Coach Academy learning environments is to gradually let each individual's potential unfold to fully and simultaneously embrace these three fundamental facets of systemic coaching mastery. 

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Clients Know Their Own Pace of Development

Participants in the Metasysteme Coach Academy can enroll in:

  • The nine-day systemic “Coaching Fundamentals Cycle”,
  • Each of the two-day “Metacoach Systemic Coaching Workshops”, or
  • The ten-day “Metacoach Supervision" Cycle or three-day "Supervision Marathons".

Participants in the Metasysteme Coach Academy are under no obligation to follow any arbitrary linear progression nor lengthy process to respect any predefined learning curve.  These programs can be attended in any order and at the pace each participant sees fit.  Consequently, participants in the Metsysteme Coach Academy can begin their development process in the way they prefer and stop whenever they see fit.  Each program can be perceived as separate, and each offers a clearly defined learning environment.  They all only requires true participant commitment. 

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Clients are Independent

There are no prerequisites to attending any of the Metasysteme Coach Academy workshops or cycles.  Competent and potential masterful systemic coaches come from all walks of life and each have their unique destinations.  All the skills, processes, tools and learning environments offered by the Metasysteme Coach Academy are franchise free, no strings attached. 

Clients Own Their Evaluation and Certification Responsibility

The Metasysteme Coach Academy is a diploma-free learning environment which only delivers certificates of attendance for participation in specific cycles and/or workshops. We do not believe in evaluating our own students, and delivering our own self-validated diplomas.  For those participants who wish to have a valid, non partial international assessment and validation of their level of perceived competency, the Metasysteme Coach Academy actively and wholeheartedly supports the International Coach Federation coach certification process.  More specifically, the Metasysteme Coach Academy prepares all their participants to pass all levels of ICF coach certification (ACC, PCC and MCC).

The teaching staff of the Metasysteme Coaching Academy is composed of coaches certified by the International Coach Federation and specifically trained to systemic coaching.  Furthermore, all the programs offered by the Metasystene Coaching Academy are either validated as coach-specific training programs by the same international professional organization. (Check the ICF page on this website, The ACSTH page, and the links to the ICF website).

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Our presence in Europe...The Metasysteme Coach Academy is an international coach development network.  Existing Metasysteme Coach Academy learning environments are offered by Metasysteme-Coaching in Paris, Lyon and Montpelier in France (French) and Spain (Spanish) and in Metasysteme Coaching SRL in Bucharest, Romania (English).  The Bucharest school has attracted students from as far as Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Finland, and welcomes others from Turkey to Russia, Bulgaria, Ukrania and Moldavia.  In effect, the Metasysteme Coach Academy is central in the development of a very performing systemic coaching community in France, Spain, Romania and more generally in Continental Europe. 

Partial offerings of Metasysteme Coach Academy supervision and workshops have been provided in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany, In Brussels, Belgium, (in English and French).

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