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Created by the founding members of Metasystem Inc. Face the Music will turn their conferences into extaordinary and unforgetable events by guiding their clients in the creation and production création of their own organizational "Blues".  With face the music, have your teams put into words and music the indicators of demotivation and reveal the power of creation and teamwork. Stupendous results.

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Your contact is Carmen Raican.

Metasysteme Coaching was founded December 2007.  Based in Bucharest, Romania, it organizes and delivers the Metasysteme Academy ICF validated ACSTH coach training. Metasysteme Coaching SRL also provides other management workshops based on programs which train entrepreneurs to use pertinent coaching skills to develop their potentials and achieve their goals.

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4085 Atwood Road, Stone Ridge,
New York 12484 U.S.A.
Tel: + 1 914 687-4324 Fax: + 1 914 687-2404


Human Invest is a priviledged Metasysteme partner in Romania.  We have shared numerous coaching and training programs with local clients.  Human invest includes a network of ICF-validated coaches trained to the Metasysteme "systemic coaching" approach, ensuring a high-quality service.  The company also offers a number of open courses on management and leadership.  Ask for Viorel.
Infiintata in 1999, Human Invest este o companie din Liga Superioara in arena serviciilor de dezvoltare a competentelor si proceselor de leadership.. Aceasta pozitie a fost castigata datorita calitatii inalte si relevantei solutiilor oferite. Succesul programelor noastre se bazeaza pe expertiza si experienta partenerilor locali, a echipei de traineri, consultanti si facilitatori si pe metodologiile cu excelenta reputatie internationala ale unor companii precum: Ken Blanchard, Metasysteme, Tom Peters UK, Inscape Publishing, Harvard Business School Publishing/Enovate, Human Synergistics. Pentru mai multe informatii viziteaza-ne la
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Your contact: Mihai Stanescu with whom I have worked in Romania, with great pleasure.Business & Life Coach in RomaniaMobile Phone: +40 723 200 815
Office Phone/Fax: +40 21 3136929

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