Our English Language Systemic Coach training Programs in Europe


For our systemic coaching training programs offered in English and in Bucharest, Romania, consult the offers below. FOR LEADERS, MANAGERS AND COACHES

These courses have welcomed participants from as far Canada, Singapore, Italy, Berlin, Geneva, Madrid, Brussels, Canada, Finland, and Holland, and obviously from Romania.  In a truly international setting bridging Eastern and Western Europe, participation to the Bucharest systemic "Coaching Fundamentals" program and "METACOACH" systemic coaching workshops and supervision marathons has always been very dynamic.

Note that the Bucharest and Iasi locations are geographically close to Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and a host of other Balkan or East European countries such as Moldavia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Turkey.

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All the systemic coach training programs offered below are ACSTH (coach specific training hours) validated by the International Coach Federation.  These programs are also open to Managers and leaders who wish to develop their systemic coaching and management skills.
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Bucharest: April 18-20, 2018, ADVANCED TEAM COACHING TOOLS three-day workshop

Reserved for Confirmed Metasysteme-Coaching coaches (priority): How to team-coach and group-coach wi...
1700 € Plus VAT if applicable
1400 € Plus VAT if applicable
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Bucharest: BREAKTHROUGH PROCESSES, May 17-18, 2018

FOR SYSTEMIC TEAM AND ORGANIZATIONAL COACHES: How to accompany major immediate transformational chan...
900 € Plus VAT if applicable
800 € Plus VAT if applicable
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Bucharest: DELEGATIVE PROCESSES, October 30-31, 2017

For Team and Organizational Systemic Coaching Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Managers
900 € Plus VAT if applicable
800 € Plus VAT if applicable
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Bucharest: RISK MANAGEMENT (Cubes) Coaching Workshop, January 18-19, 2018

For Leaders, managers and Systemic Coaches: How to fundamentally reconsider your personal and team r...
900 € Plus VAT if applicable
800 € Plus VAT if applicable
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Bucharest: SYSTEMIC COACHING & LEADERSHIP Fundamentals - January 22-23, 2018

Coaching skills for delegating leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who want to acquire the powerful ...
4500 € Plus VAT if applicable
3700 € Plus VAT if applicable
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Bucharest: Systemic Coaching SUPERVISION Marathon, June 7-8-9, 2018

A Three-Day intensive Systemic Coaching SUPERVISION Marathon for confirmed international coaches. O...
1600 € Plus VAT if applicable
1300 € Plus VAT if applicable
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