Metasysteme Systemic Coach Certification and ICF validation: The ACSTH Advantages
International Coach Federation ''Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours'' Validation and Metasysteme Systemic Coach certification

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As a coherent team-coach training program, the METACOACH supervision cycles and workshops have received ACSTH (Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours) validation from the International Coach federation since 2004.  For already certified coaches, attendance to any of these provide 7 CCEUs per day of training.  

The "Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching " training program has also been accredited as ACSTH by the ICF since March 2007 as a professional individual and executive coach-training program.

This international validation gives participants an undeniable quality guarantee, and offers some advantages/

On the one hand, the Metasysteme Coaching program is recognized for ACC, PCC ou MCC level accreditation.  All the cycles and workshops are considered by the International Coach Federation as coach-specific training hours that correspond to its quality standards.

On the other hand, all individual, team and organizational coaches who wish to renew their ICF accreditation can receive CCEu recognition for attending any part or the totality of the Metasysteme Coaching program.


To benefit from your training with Metasysteme Coaching, you just need to ask Metasysteme for a certificate of presence vouching for your active participation for your hours of attendance, and add that certificate to your ICF initial certification or renewal file. 

  • To join the ICF professional association, you need to deliver a certificate of participation to 60 hours of ACSTH training in the "Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching" or to the 81 hours of METACOACH team-coaching training program.
  • To present for ICF membership or ACC certification, you need at minimum to attend the "Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching" plus 10 days of "Mentoring", and vouch for 100 hours of coaching practice.
  • ICF certification prerequisites evolve in time, consult the ICF website for todays supplementary criteria.
  • All the Metasysteme Coaching coach-training programs are both ACSTH and count as CCEUs in that they can also serve to renew your acquired certification levels (40 hours of training every three years).  These same training programs can accompany you to prepare for PCC and MCC levels of certification.

NOTE: Metasystem Coaching does not wish to be judge and party to the quality of its coach training programs.  It therefore does not deliver any in-house coach diploma recognizing competency in the coaching profession.  Metasysteme Coaching wholeheartedly supports the ICF's independent coach-certification process.  Consequently, although to do so is not an obligation, Metasysteme Coaching  actively prepares all attendees to pass ICF certification processes.   

Some reminders:

Metasystem Coaching coach training programs are tailored to be pertinent for all coaches, whether they are beginners or confirmed. 

Metasysteme Coaching coach training programs do not liberate candidates from meeting other ICF accreditation requirements specific to ACC, PCC or MCC certification.

If you want to ensure your attendance to specific workshops or cycles, please be sure to enroll at least one month in advance.


In Order to recognize:

  • Your commitment to obtain an ICF PCC or MCC - level certification,
  • Your long-term commitment to attend Metaysteme Coaching's systemic coaching approach, coach-training programs and supervision process,
  • Your capacity to embrace Metasysteme Coaching's philosophy, as you are in position to adhere to its school of thought, to its virtual community of systemic coaches
  • Your integration of the specific systemic posture, strategies and tools developed by Metasysteme Coaching over the years, allowing you to ensure an undeniable added value to your clients.

Today, Metasysteme Coaching offers a complementary "SYSTEMIC  INDIVIDUAL, TEAM AND ORGANIZATION" systemic coach certificate.

In order to consult the conditions by which this complementary certificate can be obtained, please click on the link below:

Online Application Form