Midway Pause

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04 June 2015

Dearest Friends

We're done and back home! 

The first half of our Compostelle pilgrimage was completed last Sunday.  More precisely, we have finished the 38-day, 950 kilometer walk from Paris to Saint-Jean Pied-de-Port close to the Spanish border.  We chose to go by the "Way" of the ancient "Chemin de Tours" starting from home close to the foot of the tour Saint Jacques in Paris, and we stopped at the foot of the Pyrennees (back home by train). 

We are  now filled to the brim with memories  of deep silences flavored with springtime scents, an unbelievable palette of colours, numerous good and challenging surprises, occasional moments of rocking laughter, of doubts, of overexertion, of relief, of exhiliration, of inner peace and harmony with nature... the inventory is endless.  We are profoundly moved by an intensely personal quest that we chose to experience as a couple.  It has now become so natural for us to walk together, each at one's own rhythm !

It is also surprizing to measure the intimate appropriateness of each and every personal confronting lesson, naturally served to us, by a path so well travelled by thousands of pilgrims over so many centuries.  And we have only achieved our first half.  We are only midway on our quest! 

I remember that we left home in April very unaware.   As if we were off on a vacation or retreat, only partially assuming the luxury and guilt of taking a six week social and professional break.  Is this really resonnable?  Can we really afford such a breakaway?  Is this crazy road-trip worth the time it will take?  We were simply unable to measure the scope of the unbelievable gift we were about to receive. 

Indeed! We are now slowly recovering from a totally disruptive experience.  We must now somehow reconnect with the "normal" active lives we had left behind.  What a shock! Meanwhile, our hearts and souls are already looking forward to next year and the rest of our trip, on to Finisterra. Land's end.

So paradoxicallly, we are now back in Paris taking a short break from another, new and very rich reality, as if we are now on vacation.  It now seems that it is our social and professional lives that are interrupting another much more important occupation.  So for a year between two enriching initiations, we are taking a break, vibrating with the impatience to get back on our quest!  May our Spanish sequel comme quickly! Our appetite for our next learnings is truly sharpened!

But this trip has also reversed all our perspectives on our so-called normal life.  All our petty pains, blisters, muscle-aches and cramps are superficial annecdotes compared to the memory of vibrating bliss in every one of our cells.  We are still tasting the overwhelming beauty of every step, every turn, every day, of this path that has become our current reality.  We are now looking at everyone of our steps, everything we do, with very different eyes, a different presence, different motivations, different aspirations.

Afternoon walking meditation


Returning home to what we left behind is indeed a shock.  We are dazed as if by centuries of jet-lag.  After fourty days of intensely slow living, our paces and heartbeats have changed.  Yet as expected, all our normal professional and social activities are still fighting for a place in our agenda.  Among others,

  • The current Metasysteme training and supervision programs for systemic coaches cannot wait.  Already my Fall programs calls for marketing and sales attention.
  • My individual, team and organizational coaching calendar with corporate clients is quite full.  My clients cannot be put on hold, and their development plans cannot be postponed.
  • We have our ongoing monthly travelling program between France and Romania, and other trips to fit in: to Spain for vacation with sons and grandsons, a keynote conference in Montreal October 22-23, a workshop in Holland (reserve October 2&3, and check postings on my website!), and more optional trips for European corporate clients.   
  • My ongoing developmental projects are alive and well: planned Kindle books (a Spanish one soon!!) and my new online services need more of my concentrated attention if I want to bring them to timely and satisfactory conclusions.  Both in English and French... for a start...  
  • And I want to remain open in order to embrace other new opportunities.  You know...  Those that seem to regularly just emerge out of the woodwork.

However, I already know that this return to normalcy will integrate totally new perspectives and allow for very different developments.  And this evolution will take time to anchor.  Indeed, there is absolutely no reason to rush! 

English Program in Romania

Interestingly, we'll be in Romania often in the two coming months.  Several corporate clients have programmed me for team and organizational coaching, and the "open" English Metasysteme Systemic coaching courses are rolling strong.  Once more, of course, your support and word-of-mouth is needed for the latter.   So here is a rapid rundown of what's immediately ahead: 

The June 15-16 Breakthrough Workshop for systemic managers and coaches in IASI:  I ran one last week in Paris.  I can already tell you that my personal quest's breakthroughs are insiduously changing the way I train and coach.  This workshop focused on challenging every one of your perceived personal and professional qualitative and quantitative llmits is totally in keepting with my current experience and energy.  Check the program, comme motivated and prepare to expand together!  Exponentially!

The June 18-19 Risk-Management (Cubes Exercise) for systemic managers and coaches in Bucharest: Well, this one too is bound to allow me to share differently on career management and life developement patterns.  Is this really a coincidence?  Our trip has really driven the point that whenever I think I face a perceived limit or danger, it is just a new invitation to grow.  With applications in all areas of life, this workshop offers a very creative and intuitive process for you to explore your success and developement patterns and how to actively implement them, for yourself and then for your clients.

The July 6-7-8 Supervision Marathon for systemic managers and coaches : This is a collaborative or co-developing context that truly models processes for companies of the future, while intensely focusing on fine-tuning your own proffessional skills.  A great micro-community experience that seems to attract coaches from as far as Calgary and Singapore.  This underlines the truly international added value offered by Metasysteme Coaching's learning environments.

And right after summer, starting September 24-25 to end in December, The Bucharest Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching.   This is the core Measysteme systemic coach-training program.  The heart of it all.  An intense and very practical learning environment tailored to accompany major personal and professional shifts, for coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs and managers, and anyone else who wants to transform the way they do what they do. 

Of course, all the above are validated ACSTH coach-training programs, by the ICF.  And I will send you the rest of my Fall European program by summer's end! 

Two happy pilgrims in Blaye, Gironde River in the background


That's it for now. Next year's European program will come later, with some innovations for the English Metasysteme coaching community.  Trust me!

So I thank you all for your continued presence at our sides on our shared path, and for your very precious ongoing support.    Don't hesitate to contact me or Geanina, (or Carmen in Bucarest) by phone or mail or any other way your heart desires.

See you soon

Alain et Geanina
PS: Other pictures of our trip are posted on my Facebook page.