Bucharest: Systemic Coaching SUPERVISION Marathon, October 7-8-9, 2020
A Three-Day intensive Systemic Coaching SUPERVISION Marathon for confirmed international coaches. One of the best ways to prepare for ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC certification.


Indeed, during the spring 2020 COVID-19 epidemic, we have led all our Systemic Coachiing courses on ZOOM.  We were able to respect our landmark learning architecture, working in large and small 3-way break-outs to ensure an excellent experience for all.

All our training classroom settings: large group, small groups, debriefs, supervisions, etc. can be experienced while you stay safe at home or in an other secure location of your choice.

A few tips to do this well:

  • You will need to spend two or three days in front of a desk-top screen, the bigger the better (not a phone or tablet) with a wide-band wire connection (with wi-fi, you will be disconnected too often) in a room where you will not be disturbed.
  • If not at home, you have time to get organized to find a clean borrowed or office location where you can be alone.  And do not forget to disinfect keyboard, mouse and everything else you touch!

This experience can be all the more useful for participants who work with online meetings, who manage collective projects and distributed teams and want to do it very effectively! Even for large family online gatherings! You may have already experienced Metasysteme Coaching learning architectures and know they are extremely participative. This central criteria is totally respected should our training programs be offered online !

Online or not, all the coach training programs offered by Metasysteme Coaching are ACSTH (coach specific training hours) validated by the International Coach Federation.  Thess programs are also open to Managers and leaders who wish to develop their systemic coaching and management skills.
To learn more about the ACSTH validation of ALL our programs by the International Coach Federation


  • Reference : SUP MAR
  • Standard price : 2100 € Plus VAT if applicable
  • Early bird price : 1500 € Plus VAT if applicable
  • Quantity :
Program: The supervision/hypervision process:
  • Provides an arena for each participant to actively improve existing systemic coaching skills and develop new competencies 
  • Includes systemic individual and team coaching that simultaneously integrates personal, interpersonal and collective resonances.
  • Applies both to life coaching and all forms of coaching within professional contexts such as executive, team, organization coaching. 
  • Simultaneously covers situations and issues brought  by the participants, supervision of observed coaching work in situ, and supervision of interactions within the group as a systemic vector of unfolding synchronic or fractal occurrences.
  • Allows coaches to self evaluate  their level of competencies in view of preparing ICF exams
  • Provides 21 hours of validated ACSTH hours and three hours of individual mentoring in view of obtaining or renewing ICF credentials
Welcome to a hypervision version of supervision!

Systemic coaching rests on a totally inclusive frame of reference or reality principle. To illustrate, systemic coaches perceive themselves as participating observers who are totally involved within their client contexts and issues, within their client objectives and ambitions, within their client behavioral patterns, processes and results. 
 By intimately participating  in client issues and in client solutions, systemic coaches never consider themselves external nor neutral to client quests.  They thus develop an awareness that embraces connections between all these different levels of reality.  This is more than supervision  It is hypervision

From this systemic coaching frame of reference emerges a particular posture and an original way of embracing all the tools and skills specific to the systemic coaching profession.  In such hypervision contexts, original skills and strategies, specific to the systemic posture, can also be considered and developed.  Such a systemic approach powerfully multiplies both coach and client transformational capacities.  Teaching practical systemic coaching is the purpose of the Metasysteme Coach Academy.

Supervisor: Alain Cardon MCC (ICF)

Participants: Managers and Coaches Trained in Systemic coaching  (Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching or equivalent)  ACC, PCC and MCC coaches (ICF coach Certification). Fifteen participants maximum, accepted in the order of complete formal registrations.

Please note that supervision is exclusively focused on practical work implemented by participants and does not include the delivery of theoretical models.

Price: Plus local or European tax when applicable / per person for three days: 1500 € when prepaid at least 15 days prior to the event.2000 € plus taxes otherwise.

Dates: October 7-8-9, 2020

Location: Bucharest, city center, Romania.  Exact location (hotel) communicated when registered.

Language: English

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Below: One of our previous supervison "dream Teams"

One of the past systemic coaching supervision marathon dream teams

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