A two-day workshop to acquire systemic diagnostic tools that indifferently apply to individual, team, organizational, family, and other systems. Very useful for team and organizational coaching alignment.


Indeed, during the spring 2020 COVID-19 epidemic, we have led all our Systemic Coachiing courses on ZOOM.  We were able to respect our landmark learning architecture, working in large and small 3-way break-outs to ensure an excellent experience for all.

All our training classroom settings: large group, small groups, debriefs, supervisions, etc. can be experienced while you stay safe at home or in an other secure location of your choice.

Online or not, all the coach training programs offered by Metasysteme Coaching are ACSTH (coach specific training hours) validated by the International Coach Federation.  Thess programs are also open to Managers and leaders who wish to develop their systemic coaching and management skills.
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SPECIAL SPRING 2021 Online Program:  By Rares Manolescu, the "Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching"  for Middle-East and international corporate Entrepreneurs, Managers and Coaches: Program, dates and registration. (www.systemiccoachingfundamentals.com)
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  • Standard price : 1800 € Plus VAT if applicable
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NOTE: This workshop is palnned to be delivered ONLINE.

Among the four other METACOACH workshops,and with five days of systemic
supervision, it is part of the Metasysteme team-coaching ACSTH program.

PROGRAM:  Two intense days of theory and practice on a systemic pattern-diagnosis approach that equally applies to individuals, teams and organizations.  Consequently very useful when coaching any or all of these.  This original systemic perspective is focused on how categories of processes, forms, shapes and patterns can help define system profiles, personlitites and cultures. From cities to continents, from  families to social clubs, from multinationals to anthills, etc. 

How do similar patterns in time and space, in form and energy characterize all systems? Of course, theis also concerns how do all  systems grow or evolve, dissolve, transform, mutate,  reconfigure, reproduce or disseminate, etc?

Outcomes:  The participants will acquire:

  • A clear understanding of their own meta-pattern: including their personal strengths and challenges as team members, executives, managers, spouses, coaches or consultants. 
Knowing one's meta-patterns, the patterns that organize behaviors, beliefs, values, active skills and dormant potentials, etc. is of the utmost importance when in a leadership position, facing others or a team, when participating in system growth, when coaching personal and team developmental processes, etc.
  • A revisited understanding of people and teams as performance achievers, and the active part they can play in shaping organizations. 
  • A clear understanding of system phases of development, of how to pertinently accompany each organizational phase in a maturity-development process.
  • A deeper knowledge of key team and organizational cultures and their symptoms, hurdles, and success patterns.
  • How to adapt one's coaching and management strategies to help each one of them benefit from its specific potentials.  How to accompany cultural change?
  • Training to the online systemic Self-Coaching Journey, to accompany individuals and teams as they diagnose their own pattern limits and work to better prepare their futures. This online diagnosis tool can be central in a personal and team coaching processes. 
  • Connections will be made with other existing management models, such as Blake and Mouton, Hersey and Blanchard, Process Communication (Taïbi Kahler), time management models, motivational models, ethnological models, etc.
  • A general, practical introduction to systems theory as it applies to leadership, project management, organization development, family coaching, team coaching, organizational coaching, etc.

Basic knowledge of coaching or management is necessary, as this workshop will not cover the fundamentals of a coaching or managerial posture.

It is highly recommended to prepare this workshop by experiencing the Online Self-Coaching Journey presented on the Metasysteme-Coaching website home page.

NOTE the reduced price posted on the right concerns payment made by internet and paid in full prior to the event.  You will be provided with an invoice at time of purchase, and an CCEU certificate of attendance at the conclusion of the event.
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  • Trainer: Alain Cardon MCC, foremost internationally recognized specialist on team coaching.
  • Price:  1500 € (+VAT)/person/2days of training
, except for early bird paid in full 15 days prior to the event: 1100€ + VAT
  • Dates: April 29-30, 2021          9:00 am to 6:00 pm       
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Attendance: Maximum 20 (extensive practical work in sub-groups)
Certification:  International Coach Federation validated training (ACSTH) for coaches
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