Reserved for confirmed METASYSTEME systemic-coaches and managers (priority): How to team-coach and group-coach with linguistics, space, constellations, polarities, etc. A number of systemic tools developed over the years by Metasysteme

NOTE: The programs proposed below are sometimes offered online, sometimes on location in Bucharest (or other cities), and sometimes both.

Since the March 2020 COVID outbreak, we have ensured almost all of our training activity ON LINE.    In doing so, we have respected our landmark learning architectures, working in large and smaller three-to-ten participant, practice-oriented sub-groups.  We have thus ensured the excellent learning experience provided in the « Systemic Coaching Fundamentals », the two-day team-coaching workshops and three-day supervision marathons. 

NOTE: The training programs listed below are being reconfigured in 2022 in order to adjust to the new International Coach Federation criteria validating coach-training organizations
MIDDLE EAST, Special Online Programs:  By Rares Manolescu, the " Systemic Coaching Fundamentals "  for Middle-East and international corporate Entrepreneurs, Managers and Coaches:  CONTACT

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  • Standard price : 2000 € Plus VAT if applicable
  • Early bird price : 1600 € Plus VAT if applicable
  • Quantity :

A three-day intensely practical workshop for coaches, consultants, trainers, HR, and managers who have trained with Metasysteme Coaching.

Outcomes: Experience and acquire original tools in order to deploy them in systemic team or group coaching.   Deepen your connection with the professional Romanian Systemic coaching community. Develop your perception and skills to debrief team dynamics, individual and collective behavioral patterns, system performance, etc.

A minimum of three tools will be experimented and debriefed among the following: the Fairy Tale, the Village, The Prisoner’s Dilemma, the Synergo-meter the Chop Sticks. A systemic coaching debrief will illustrate work within intact teams and networks or when coaching individuals in a group setting.   Some of the dimensions covered with a systemic approach will concern patterns in relationships, in operational interfacing, in territoriality, in competition and cooperation, in negotiation, in communication flow, in time and spatial strategies, in trust building, in client linguistics, etc.  Participants can enroll individually or in small groups or networks with a common purpose.  They will acquire:

  • Important insights on how their partnerships, environments, perceived competition, teams and hierarchy, etc. affects their development and results.
  • Creative and performing options for change in order to secure successful professional and personal futures.
  • A few training, consulting, coaching, personal and professional development tools they can use in their professions, free of royalties.
  • An opportunity to develop their network with other Romanian – sometimes international - systemic coaching professionals
  • An opportunity to develop in their career-management, make transformational decisions, better define and implement future challenges.
  • New perspective on a wide variety of fundamental existential, professional, personal human issues.
  • A general systemic view of physical, social, psychological, and existential patterns.

On a more personal note, this experiential three-day workshop is a rare opportunity for Metasysteme trained systemic managers and coaches to share and learn together. to network within a larger community as we transform, grow and mature over time.  As with other Metasysteme workshops we will work on our systemic patterns, develop new strategies to better interface within our partnerships, networks, teams and family constellations, in order to push our limits and grow into our potentials. 

Basic knowledge of systemic coaching and management is necessary, as this
workshop will not cover the fundamentals of a coaching or managerial

Trainer:  Alain Cardon MCC, Foremost internationally recognized team coaching specialist .
Price: 2000 € (+VAT)/person/3 days of training (consult us for early bird conditions)
Location: Bucharest city center
To enroll:
https://www.metasysteme-coaching.ro/romana/contactati-ne/ Maximum attendance: 15 (practical work in sub-teams)

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