COVID has totally disrupted most business-cultures and accelerated social innovation. Very practically, how will leaders AND teams rise to the challenge and collaborate more effectively than ever to face the coming decade?

NOTE: The programs proposed below are sometimes offered online, sometimes on location in Bucharest (or other cities), and sometimes both.

Since the March 2020 COVID outbreak, we have ensured almost all of our training activity ON LINE.    In doing so, we have respected our landmark learning architectures, working in large and smaller three-to-ten participant, practice-oriented sub-groups.  We have thus ensured the excellent learning experience provided in the « Systemic Coaching Fundamentals », the two-day team-coaching workshops and three-day supervision marathons. 

Some advice to ensure the quality of your online learning experience:

  • To work two to three consecutive days online, you Will need a desktop computer (not a téléphone, tablet or équivalent portable screen), a wire high-bandwidth connection (not an instable wi-fi), and a secure, confidential  room.
  • Should you not be at home, you need to plan to find an appropriate business or borrowed location where you can work with the required privacy.
  • Other original ZOOM-specific operating procedures are shared with participants to ensure a very intensive highly engaging learning experience

This learning experience will be all the more useful for professionnels to experience how to effectively undertake professional online work.

MIDDLE EAST, Special Online Programs:  By Rares Manolescu, the " Systemic Coaching Fundamentals "  for Middle-East and international corporate Entrepreneurs, Managers and Coaches: Program, dates and registration. (www.systemiccoachingfundamentals.com)
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  • Standard price : 150 € Plus VAT if applicable
  • Early bird price : 100 € Plus VAT if applicable
  • Quantity :

Within less than a year, COVID-19 has totally disrupted most business-cultures and accelerated social innovation worldwide. Very practically, how will leaders AND teams now rise to the challenge and collaborate more effectively than ever to face the coming decade?

YOUR HOST: Alain Cardon MCC


WHEN: Wednesday March 3, 2021

HOURS: 3:00 to 5:00 PM ART (ARGENTINA time)

LANGUAGE: English - Spanish translation

PARTICIPATION: Limited to the first 30 enrolled participants.

For professionals who want to actively REDESIGN their leadership role in the coming decade.  Why indeed regret the past, resist the present when one's role is to lead everyone into a better future.

For creative entrepreneurs who intuitively feel there is more to the COVID-19 worldwide disruption than meets the eye.

For managers who want to help their teams face the current crisis with motivated, empowered, innovating and sustainable energy so as to collectively build a resilient future for themselves, for their organization and for the larger environment.

This master class will cover

  • Present indicators of possible futures,
  • Elaborate a vision of how team and organizational cultures will transform within a short-term future,
  • Propose coherent and practical principles, strategies, processes and actions to ensure rapid paradigm shifts and successful results in 2021 and thereafter.
  • Cover question & Answers.  Share other online resources
Come ready to actively participate, share your present concerns and prepare to embrace the future you want to co-create in your professional environment.


READ: Systemic Coaching Strategies, Covid-19 and Innovation on Linkedin (GOOGLE-TRANSLATE?)  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/systemic-coaching-covid-19-innovation-alain-cardon-mcc/

PREPARE to actively input and participate during the Masterclass !!!


WEBINAR: Participation in a short exercice, informal diaiogues, sharing experiences, questions and answers, personal exploration, deeper practical work with volunteers.

REGISTRATiON: Before January 10 2021.   Just pay online.   Immediately download your invoice for your accounting.  AND don't lose it!  FILE IT !

Following registyration, You will receive a ZOOM invitation to register on ZOOM.

It is strongly suggested to connect with a table computer with a wired network connection (not on phone or tablet, not with wi-fi which can be unstable and disconnect!)

Don't forget to have water and everything you need right next to you!

AND AGAIN come fully prepared to actively participate!