ONLINE: Systemic TEAM-COACH TRANING PROGRAM (METACOACH) for managers and coaches
NINE ACSTH (ICF) workshop days spread over three months, plus countless hours of intensive practice between enroled participants, teams and networks

NOTE: The programs proposed below are sometimes offered online, sometimes on location in Bucharest (or other cities), and sometimes both.

Since the March 2020 COVID outbreak, we have ensured almost all of our training activity ON LINE.    In doing so, we have respected our landmark learning architectures, working in large and smaller three-to-ten participant, practice-oriented sub-groups.  We have thus ensured the excellent learning experience provided in the « Systemic Coaching Fundamentals », the two-day team-coaching workshops and three-day supervision marathons. 

NOTE: The training programs listed below are being reconfigured in 2022 in order to adjust to the new International Coach Federation criteria validating coach-training organizations
MIDDLE EAST, Special Online Programs:  By Rares Manolescu, the " Systemic Coaching Fundamentals "  for Middle-East and international corporate Entrepreneurs, Managers and Coaches:  CONTACT

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For more than 20 years,Métasystème Coaching has been engaged in accompanying individual, team and organizations in deep transformations.  Since 2007 our landmark coach-training program to leverage our systemic coaching school of though and methodology has been the "Systemic Coaching Fundamentals", a 9-day coach-training program.

This ACSTH (ICF-validated) learning adventure was accompanied by another more open training program composed of diverse independent workshops, delivering another professional ACSTH validation on team coaching.  The METACOACH independent workshops all trained coaches to center their professional skills on accompanying the complexity of collective professional systems such as teams, networks and orgnaizations. 

To contact us in order to register for the first part only (28 CCEU hours)

Today, our METACOACH team-coaching program is totally overhauled and reconfigured.  Three of the previous workshops plus three trail-blazing days of team-coaching supervision now compose a more formally structured, complete, comprehensive training adventure focused on training team leaders and coaches to be come highly systemic coaching professionals in accompanying team and organizations.  Kin to the "Systemic Coaching Fundamentals" the METACOACH program now rests on an intensive 9-day learning architecture spread over a four-month period.  It is proposed in proposed in two complemntary parts, I and II.

Furthermore, in keeping with recent developments world-wide, it is entirely delivered online, on ZOOM.

The METACOACH team and organizational-coaching training program:

2022 FALL

  • September 29-30, 2022 Two days on the systemic interactive foundation that allows for deep delegation and collaborative work: (Delegated Processes)
One full month of practice between participants organized in learning networks and teams.  These are tailored to serve as practical collective learning vehicles. 
  • October 27-28 Two days of training on how to map-out successful individual, team and organizational systemic behavioral sequences and accompany practical change. (Individual, team and Organizational Diagnosis).

One full month of practice between participants organized in learning networks and teams.  These are tailored to serve as practical collective learning vehicle. 

  • November 24-25 Two days on our individual and collective capacity to re-invent a better qualitative and quantitative future (Breakthrough Processes).
One full month of practice between participants organized in learning networks and teams.  These are tailored to serve as practical collective learning vehicle. 
  • January 18-19-20, 2023, Three days on systemic team and organizational-coach Supervision and mentoring to anchor the acquired team-coach skills.

The follow-up will rest on each participant's and network's/team's  ambitions.

NOTE: In order to align with modern-day professional challenges, this configuration of the « METACOACH » program will only be delivered online.

NOTE: Some of our other team-coaching workshops will continue to be independently proposed as CCEU (ICF-validated) training programs for a transitional period.  Consult our general training Agenda.

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In order to better align with current and future team and organizational needs, and to prepare coaches to better accompany distributed systems, open networks and teams, and globally connected professional in a truly collaborative perspective, the METACOACH program is entirely delivered online, through ZOOM.

  • This program is also aligned with the current global awareness for the need to lead sustainable, well-balanced physical, emotional, personal and professional lives.
  • This program is ACSTH validated  by the ICF.  Attendance to the full program offers 63 METACOACH training hours for Systemic Team Coaching professionals. 
  • On the participant's part, the METACOACH training architecture and operating principles requires a high level of commitment.  The underlying systemic principles and hours of expected practice designed into the program serve to ensure excellent professional results, all at a distance and online.  In this learning process, the medium is also the message.
  • For participants and their clients, the METACOACH learning architecture is thus designed to favor team and network alignment and reconfiguration whether these are loose professional networks, new start-ups or more mature and formally-structured systems.
  • On this note, collective participation to the program (by partners or executive team core members) is particularly recommended to accelerate new or existing team or system alignment and change.
  • For coaches, this program also addresses one of the key blind-spots of the community at large: independent and solitary coach capacity to collaborate within the profession in a way to collectively achieve outstanding, measurable, qualitative and financial results.

Note that this METACOACH training program focused on acquiring team-coaching skills and strategies does not replace Metasysteme Coaching's "Systemic Coaching Fundamentals" course. That landmark learning adventure remains THE privileged program to acquire a powerful systemic coach mindset and skills as these apply to one-to-one coaching and management relationships.

Note also that the Metasysteme Coaching Risk management (Cubes) workshop, the Supervision Marathon (one to one coaching) and the Advanced Tools For Systemic Coaches workshops will continue to be independently proposed in our agenda.    

IMPORTANT: Contact us for conditions that apply to enrollment by 5 five key players participating as a system and for conditions for in-house programs within your company, for up to 25 participants originating from 5 different leadership teams. LINK
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ACSTH: The whole METACOACH program, three two-day workshops plus three supervision days, is ICF-validated as ACSTH since 2005 as a team-coach training program.  Since that date, participation to this ensemble is recognized by a Metasysteme certificate of attendance to a team-coach training program.