IASI -OCTOBER 21-22 2021 - Risk management patterns and solutions, for entrepreneurs and leaders
A 2-day experiencial workshp to map out and modify your current, underlying personal and professional goal-setting and achievement patterns.

NOTE: The programs proposed below are sometimes offered online, sometimes on location in Bucharest (or other cities), and sometimes both.

Since the March 2020 COVID outbreak, we have ensured almost all of our training activity ON LINE.    In doing so, we have respected our landmark learning architectures, working in large and smaller three-to-ten participant, practice-oriented sub-groups.  We have thus ensured the excellent learning experience provided in the « Systemic Coaching Fundamentals », the two-day team-coaching workshops and three-day supervision marathons. 

Some advice to ensure the quality of your online learning experience:

  • To work two to three consecutive days online, you Will need a desktop computer (not a téléphone, tablet or équivalent portable screen), a wire high-bandwidth connection (not an instable wi-fi), and a secure, confidential  room.
  • Should you not be at home, you need to plan to find an appropriate business or borrowed location where you can work with the required privacy.
  • Other original ZOOM-specific operating procedures are shared with participants to ensure a very intensive highly engaging learning experience

This learning experience will be all the more useful for professionnels to experience how to effectively undertake professional online work.

MIDDLE EAST, Special Online Programs:  By Rares Manolescu, the " Systemic Coaching Fundamentals "  for Middle-East and international corporate Entrepreneurs, Managers and Coaches: Program, dates and registration. (www.systemiccoachingfundamentals.com)
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  • Standard price : 1800 € Plus VAT if applicable
  • Early bird price : 1100 € Plus VAT if applicable
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ON LOCATION, in IASI.  A two-day practical workshop for entrepreneurs, leaders, finance managers...  Two intense days of exploration, and preparation on how to radically change personal and corporate frames of reference as to the way you, individuals, teams and organizations set goals and achieve their measurable results. 

The workshop design rests on a practical goal-setting and achievement exercice that very concretely reveals individual and collective risk-management strategies and processes.  It has been successfully used to accompany risk management strategies and team developement for airline pilots, bankers, entrepreneurs, sales forces, high potential sports champions, etc.  Be prepared to actively participate.

Outcomes:  Operationally, the participants will:

  • Explore and revisit their current risk-management process in the way they manage personal and professional goal-setting and achievements in the fields and dimensions of their choice.
  • Get firsthand experiencial learning on the effects of comparative benchmarking, competition, rewards, recognition, peer pressure, hierarchy, etc. on risk management and results.
  • Review the limiting personal and corporate beliefs, behavior patterns, processes and procedures that need to be modified or replaced to achieve better risk management and more satisfactory results. 
  • Discover a practical tool by which their personnel, teams and organizations can be accompanied to reconsider how they manage risk (or non-risk) to achieve better financial, growth, quality, safety, etc. results in a very short period of time.
  • Reconsider their frames of reference as to why and how some people, teams and organizations overachieve, or yearly develop by 20% or more.
  • Learn the key criteria that can allow them to better manage or coach projects, careers, business ventures, sales teams, or any situation focused on achieving results.
  • Develop the appropriate posture to lead individuals, teams and organizations while they design and implement success patterns to become the performance benchmarks in their own fields.

Basic understanding of management is necessary as this workshop will not train to the fundamentals of management or coaching posture and tools.

Professional coach participants will be provided with an extensive text describing the protocol to use the proposed risk management tool with their corporate clients in coaching, consulting or training contexts.  Use of the tool is totally free of rights.

On a more personal note, these two days are about both personal life development and professional and career cycles, about the essential learning themes past and future decades can reserve.   This workshop also covers major life cycles, transitions or passages or how we transform as we grow and mature over time.  It helps reveal systemic patterns and instinctive strategies in how we interface with our partners, teams and families, in how we collaborate and compete with ourselves and with others in order to push our limits and grow potentials.  The two days offer a creative arena to revisit past priorities and achievements in order to envision more sustainable, pertinent or satisfactory futures.  They allow strategic decision-making to grow, develop, achieve our desired qualitative and quantitative results… 

In short: this two days transformational workshop is structured around some theory, a very powerful and surprising analogical exercise, personal introspective work, interpersonal sharing, and some theory on how to accompany others in the same type of personal and professional exploration.

NOTE the reduced price posted on the right side above concerns payments made by internet and paid in full prior to the event.  You will be provided with an invoice at time of purchase, and a certificate of attendance at the conclusion of the event.
  • Trainer: Alain Cardon MCC, foremost internationally recognized specialist on team coaching.
  • Price:  1800 € (+VAT)/person/2days of training
, except for early bird paid in full 15 days prior to the event: 1100€ + VAT
  • Dates: October 21-22 2021,        9:00 am to 6:00 pm       
  • Location: Iasi
  • Attendance: Maximum 20 (extensive practical work)
Certification:  International Coach Federation validated training (CCEUs) for coaches
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