Developing Your Coaching and Consulting Business
A strategic approach to the Coaching Field

This conference delivers performing diagnostic tools and intervention strategies for consultants, team and individual coaches. It will permit the participants to become more efficient in negotiating and implementing management and organization development interventions and individual or team coaching.

For consultants, coaches and professional trainers and their managers, and to a larger extent for most B-to-B service organization negotiators, the content of this conference is tailored to deliver practical knowledge immediately applicable by any service-oriented organizational supplier.

The diagnostic approach and tools presented clarify the specifics of a consultant’s context to help negotiating and delivering performing service contracts.

Resting on thirty years practice as an international trainer and Organization Development consultant and manager of several consulting organizations, the speaker will deliver practical insights and tools on the basics of negotiating and implementing team development, management training, team building, consulting, executive coaching and of managing a performing consulting team.

Some of the theory originates from Systems Analysis, cybernetics, family therapy and other biological and physical “systemic” approaches as well as some O.D. and current management theories.

The tools presented have been shared, developed, tested and implemented while training and coaching consultants and executive coaches both in France and the United States over the last thirty years. They are designed to help consultants, coaches and trainers operate important shifts in efficiency by clarifying contracts and implementing well-designed interventions.

The form of the conference will offer time for some question-and-answer participation and for sharing some “typical” experiences in the use of the models in specific contexts. (team building, strategic consulting, coaching, training, supervision, etc.)

TIME: Six hours