Games People Play in Business
How to succeed in a manipulative environment

This conference will deliver diagnostic tools and practical defensive tactics that will permit the participants to spot individual and collective manipulative strategies within their organization and with the larger environment, and have performing behavioral options to counter them or render them ineffective.

For leaders, managers, negotiators and professionals who want to make their professional environment a better place to grow, the content of this conference is tailored to deliver practical knowledge immediately applicable in most organizational, professional and political contexts.

The diagnostic tools presented are “game” models such as Eric Berne’s Game formula, Stephen Karpmann’s Drama Triangle and “K formula”, and other manipulative game models that pertain to collective systems and some complementary models developed by the speaker.

These tools will help the participant recognize manipulative games, personal and professional seduction strategies, power plays and other negotiation tricks. They will help rapidly map out the predictable negative outcomes of games and offer positive interactive counter-strategies to make work and personal environments more human, productive and performing.

A “systemic” diagnostic approach will also provide excellent insights as to larger game issues related to negative organizational manipulative interactions and strategies related to organizational cultures which take place between teams, departments, and larger systems.

The tools have been presented, developed, tested and implemented on all organization levels in a large number of European and international firms. They are designed to help leaders, managers and negotiators operate important shifts in their energy management to develop goal-centered effectiveness.

The form of the conference will offer time for some question-and-answer participation and for sharing.

TIME: three-six hours