Leading a Performing Executive Team
Transform your executive team into a powerhouse

This highly interactive conference presents a simple, original, concrete and performing approach that offers:

·diagnostic tools to evaluate an executive team's operational processes and performance,
·means to develop its strategic capacity to transform itself and the organization it leads.

It presents a collective team developement approach, centered on solutions and results which has been introduced worldwide within executive teams as well as operational, division, department, subsidiary, and branch executive committees.

The effectiveness of the approach can help executive teams attain ambitious measurable results in record time, especially in comparison to more traditional consulting and training methods.

This approach is extremely performing in all corporate situations that concern organizational transitions such as mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and re-engineering, strategic turn-arounds, intercultural leadership and conflict-management.

The diagnostic, conceptual and practical tools originate from cybernetics and Systems Analysis and applications in economics, biology, medicine, ecology, family therapy and computer technology and programming.

The conference can offer some insight for improving in some key areas such as:
Time: Four to six hours.