Autumn Leaves
Soon in 2010

05 November 2009

Dearest international Friends

Autumn leaves and winter winds.  2009 is on the way out, Christmas is coming soon and time is flying faster and faster.  January 2010, just around the bend, is heralding both a new year and a new decade.  I admit that this XL change is rather to my liking. I am awaiting for this wider horizon with high expectations.  I seem to be switching priorities and number of new projects are itching my fingers and stimulating my soul.  Know that born in 1949, I am just opening up to my sixties decade.  And I want it to be composed of active, adventurous, enriching and learning years.  My dancing shoes are on.


The recent October 29-30 Hamburg workshop on Delegated Processes organized by Christina Quirin and Nadja Hebenstreit has been a smashing success.  Metasysteme's practical approach to systemic coaching is finding its public in the Anglo-saxon and Nordic environment.  One third of the participants were managers, one third were coaches working mostly with individuals, and one third were positioned as team coaches.  Thank you all for your interest, active participation and willingness to play with Metasysteme's original perspectives on team and organizational coaching, and for taking these home with you.

We have decided to repeat the experience and offer two related English-language Metasysteme workshop in Germany, this time in Berlin.  Our choice is to propose a completely different learning environment focused on: How can a systemic perspective on individual coaching (corporate or life) boost your professional skills into a truly magical dimension.  If you choose to attend, be ready for a  practical experience of fundamental and transformational work that will shake your perspectives on the inherent potential of the coaching profession as a whole and on your personal way to embody it.

These two workshops are focused on how to be a coach.  Being is so simple and yet so complex. Before acquiring any tools, the masterful coach posture rests on a minimalist capacity for profound and attentive presence free of any intention.  Practicing  the fundamentals of this state of total receptiveness in the first workshop will allow participants to develop their inborn capacity to let client implicit patterns emerge, unfold and progressively reshape.   The second workshop will then provide means for powerful client and coach perspective remodeling.  Participants will practice a number of simple yet transformational systemic tools, until these become a second nature. So reserve the dates March 25-26 and April 26-27, register now and we will meet soon in Berlin

To contact Christina Quirin and register
By providing these workshops, our ambition is to offer the Metasysteme paradigm on systemic coaching to the North European coaching community and related managers and leaders.  To achieve this, we need your joyful support to activate information networks and make these learning environments a success.  This will allow us all to create an open community of systemically proficient professional European coaches.  In advance, thank you.

ICF Italia Conference

And don't forget Southern Europe.  I have been invited to be a keynote speaker at the March 16-17 2010 ICF conference in beautiful Italia.   The event will be another opportunity to spread the good word on systemic coaching of teams and organizations.  In a shorter workshop, I will also give some participants an opportunity to share experiences on Metasysteme's specific take on more personal executive and life coaching. Once finalized, details on the event will be visible on

Learning and dialogue networks

Learn, deepen and widen our own frames of reference, develop our systemic coaching skills, become members of an international community of mind and spirit, those are  some of the objectives we strive to achieve by attending the collective Metasysteme Supervision Group in Brussels. The work is profound, personal and collective, intensive and efficient, centered on the development of each and on the evolution of the whole.  This supervision is truly pertinent for executive, team and life coaches.   Do not hesitate to register anytime.  The group is semi-open, on a continuous roll. 
pdf To register for the English and French supervision cycle in Brussels, download, print and fill in the form and return by mail with a check or money order.
On Linkedin, Consider joining the Metasysteme Coach Community group.  Generally in English, sometimes in French or Romanian, international coaches, consultants and managers  come there to ask questions, share experiences and challenges, ask or offer support, follow Metasysteme events.  As in all networks,  participating in a positive, authentic and personal way is of the utmost importance.  I will engage in  conversations, dialogue and share my perspective on your inputs with great pleasure.    The object of this open Linkedin group is also to allow for the emergence of a definition of what makes the Metasysteme coaching perspective so original.  What is your take on the subject? 
The website is also expanding to better serve its purpose: become a truly international resource for begining and confirmed coaches.  A network of websites in German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese (and  soon others) is growing around its original French, English and Romanian core.  Early November, this core website has passed the 4000 visit per month threshold.  That is a monthly 11,000 pageviews, 3:30 minutes average time spent onsite, by visitors from 86 countries (Statistics from Google Analytics).  Thank you all for your interest in the Metasysteme contribution to coaching.

A more personal note

In the introduction to this letter, I am timidly alluding to my slower and deeper personal transformations.  These are undeniably related to the rhythms and seasons of my life.  I can bravely affirm that I am going though a passage or "pass-age", that my future will most probably be different than the one I am now imagining, and that to proceed, I am learning to trust whatever will emerge on my path.  The truth is that my present reality is often quite uncertain, and that recurring doubts and questions are my daily bread.  As I am not going to Orlando to the International Coach Federation conference, I will not see some of you this year.  So it helps to me to  share and write in order to keep in toutch and give a form to my meandering path.  Thank you for your presence, even if it is at a relative distance.

Once more to conclude, do not hesitate to forward this letter to those whom you believe may gain from receiving it.  Also do contact me to give, to receive, to ask or to share.  And may you have an excellent year-end, on the way to 2010 !
Amicalement.  Alain