Merry Christmas

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08 December 2009

Dearest Friends

Craciun Fericit (that is for Merry Christmas in Romania), Joyeux Noël, Christmas Blessings, and have a good year end, as we say in Southern France ("Bon bout d'an!").  On this occasion we will be in Provence, probably our last winter here before we sell our house.  We will also go for a week skiing, not too far off, in the Southern French Alps.

With family, on vacation or with friends, Christmas is always a special time to regroup.  It is magical, profound, mysterious, personal and eternal.  As it approaches, I remember my parents who are gone, I think about my sons who are so much alive, about my very dear close friends, about our larger human family and our beautiful blue planet. 

Time seems to stretch and take a rest around Christmas. Past achievements and difficulties are put in perspective and the future seems to stand still as projects and goals are temporarily put aside.  We can be at peace when time becomes immobile and eternity imposes its presence.  It seems as if the whole year was simply getting ready for this culminating point.

So enjoy this blissful time to the full. Joyeux Noêl.  Bless you, and may your lives also be inspired by a shining star.

Tout près de notre nouveau studio à Paris, ville de lumière.
Above, a sunset picture of the pyramids, in the city of lights, not very far from our new address in Paris.
See you next year, in 2010.