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01 September 2010

Dear Friends

I hope you are ending your summer season refreshed, resourced, rested, re-energized, and ready to roll.  On our end, we had one week vacation on Mauritius island in July, and another on the Basque coast (Atlantic) of Southern France in August (picture below of Biarritz by night).  On both locations, we got tanned, I tamed the waves  body surfing, Geanina got pampered in spas and we just wallowed in farniente.  It was so good we (almost) felt guilty.    We are ready for re-entry into an active fall season, with a short-list of our menu items below.


In Europe:

Actually our fall season has already started.  It will be very busy.   Starting August 20, we were in Romania, team coaching in Oradea, a city close to Hungary, and then in Bucharest.    By September end, we will go back there to deliver coach training on systemic fundamentals, coach supervision and advanced workshops in the Metaysteme Coach Academy,    Considering how much we are developing in Romania, we will be going there four more times before this year end, each time for a two week working stay.  That is fifty percent of my active time, which makes Geanina, my Romanian wife, radiantly happy.
On November 22-23, in English and in Hamburg Germany, I will offer the legendary Metasysteme «Breakthrough» advanced workshop for coaches and managers.   It delivers  extremely effective strategies to radically expand your perspectives on what you think you can achieve and consequently, on how your coaching clients or employees can really succeed.  I think it is a must for coaches and managers who need to develop their competencies in playing with goals, numbers, the way they track results, etc. Coaching is not only about relationships and interfacing.  It is also about setting challenging goals and achieving outstanding results.   This is where you get ROI.  For information on this event and to register, check:   https://www.cq-kommunikation.com/aktuelles.html
September 30-October 1, in Madrid, Spain, we are launching a new branch of the Metasysteme Coach Academy with a first "Coaching Fundamentals of Mastery" 9-day course spread over four months.  Advanced Metasysteme workshops will shortly follow.  These will be offered in a mix of English and Spanish, co-delivered by myself and Claude Arribas, PCC, who is now validated to deliver all Metasysteme ACSTH training and supervision.  To complete this school's palette, Claude will also deliver a Metasysteme supervision cycle.  For more information on the whole program and to register: https://www.i2c.es/web/es/servicios/coaching/escuela/fundamentos
And for alll the international Metasysteme coach training or coaching services for 2010-2011, just check our website: www.metasysteme.eu

In France:

Top quality is the recipy, obviously measurable success is the result.  All the French Metasysteme Academy programs  are practically full.  The September Coaching Fundamentals is sold out, the January cycle is open for registration.  This fall's Paris supervision group is full.  The "Delegated Process" advanced workshop in October 2010 and the Lyon Supervision group due to start in January 2011 are getting there.  Note that word of mouth is our only marketing and sales strategy, so thank you again for your continuous support.  And for information on all the French Metasysteme services , check the www.metasysteme.fr website.
I have just delivered the manuscript for my next book in French to Inter-Editons (Groupe Dunod), my new editor, for publication next year.  It concerns what I consider to be masterful systemic coaching. The subject challenges a large number of widespread ideas on how we are what we do, or don't do as coaches. I will now focus on finishing the English version, and keep you posted on progress.
For those who are not aware, our house is sold and we are definitely out of Southern France, Now based in Paris on and off, and in Bucharest for a full half our lives.  And besides Linkedin, I have started posting my presence on Facebook.  It's never too late, and maybe see you there.
Time to conclude.  Do not hesitate to send me a word to share what you may be up about, up to, up for, up against, or whatever.  And do continue to spread the word about what you think I do best, especially to people who may most benefit from those services. And thank you for being so present in our lives.