Thought & Sharing, June 2012

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01 June 2012

Dear Friends

Time flies.  Spring is almost gone and summer will soon be on us.  Since the beginning of this year, I am feeling more serenity, more peaceful, or appeased.  I have an inner sense of well-being that I haven't felt for some time, at least not in such a deep and stable way.  Maybe because we have finally stabilized with our Paris home, because my professional activity flows on without too many up and down variations, because I have enough thinking and writing time, or because my projects seem to naturally unfold at a good pace without having to push them forward.  Probably also because my passage into the sixties decade has stabilized and I am starting to enjoy the grace and beauty of this wonderful age, so rich in subtle flavors and daily pleasures.   Frankly, I never expected that turning sixty three would feel so good.  Some say its time to retire.  I say its time to enjoy.

To be sure, my sons are living a bit far away, one in New York and another in Barcelona.  And yes, the economic and political period we are living is quite uncertain for all of us, both locally and internationally.  I also perceive some clients to be so preoccuied with dealing with daily urgencies that they don't take time to ask themselves important questions, or to listen to the ones I offer as a coach or friend. 

And indeed, my body is slowing down, complaining more often, reaching its limits more easily.  Of course, I could do more sports and smoke less cigars.   But fundamentally all the dimensions of my life seem  to have found their place and their meaning, and I am enjoying very savory perspectives for the near future.    My senses seem to be sharper, my professional pertinence seems to be developing even more, my clients are becoming friends and my friendships are deepening.  This spring, even nature seems to be expressing itself with more assertiveness and poetry.  

Since the publishing of my last book in French, and Romanain this April, I have been writing some new texts in English and reviewing some older ones in French.  On the metasysteme-coaching websites, the program for the Coaching Fundamentals is revisited to be more in line with what the training provides:   A new long and detailed article on management and coaching paradoxes has also been getting a lot of attention This is not to mention the updated versions of the text on powerful questions , as well as other texts on tools and strategies.  As a result of this updating and according to Google Analytics, the rate of visits on my website is up to about 7 000 montly, originating from all over the world (110 to 120 countries).  About half is from English speakers.  My continuous presence on Linkedin, Facebook and Viadéo (French) probably helps.

In the field, I am slowly fine tuning my systemic skills and my coaching and training strategies are gradually becoming even more performing.  More and more, I provide organizational coaching for very large groups of 40 to 60 participants who are top key players in client companies.  With these clients, I design complex coaching orchestrations that simultaneously allows for work in several complementary fields: personal development, team performance and organizational cultural transformation. I regularly get elating feelings of satisfaction when I see how clients progress very simply and powerfully.  It is great to be measurably useful on multiple organizational levels using systemic strategies for clients to achieve top results with a minimal input or effort.

The next Risk Management workshop, otherwise known as the Cubes workshop is on June 14 and 15, in Bucharest.  These workshops attract participants from all over Europe.  This one is the ultimate systemic workshop where participants can derive from a three minute experience some of their fundamental success patterns.  Those that weave into the very fabric of their lives.  How can you perceive your universe in a grain of time? This workshop is very soon, so sign up quickly :

In the Metaysteme Coaching school - The Fundamentals of Coaching, the workshops and the coach supervision cycle - we are fucusing on preparing our year-end programs.  These are presented on  Thank you again for your word-of-mouth.  Since the printing of my last book, it seems that my work with systemic coaching is better understood, that the interest is up, that the market is recognizing the professional quality and pertinence of European coaches trained by Metasysteme.  Considering visits on my website from the US, Canada, The UK, Australia and India, the trend is definitely picking up.


And our projects?  Continue aging like a good wine and go on living my personal and professional life with the same quiet effectiveness.  It feels too good to be true !!  I will continue writing work on diverse systemic coaching issues.  June an July are quite busiy with work and travel.  In July, my son's (religious) wedding will be in Ibiza (island off Spain), followed with a week vacation with our enlarged family and friends.  End of July, we plan on one or two weeks vacation in Italy.  August is still quite open.  September is already quite booked.  October will take us to the London ICF conference and for some work for a European company in Lisbon.  Maybe we'll take another New York trip for a client by the end of the year.  This program will be spiced up with our usual monthly hops from Paris to Bucharest and back, to see friends and work in our two favored cities.    All in all, this program means that we'll continue being a travelling couple, and that I'll continue being a European coach. 

So maybe we'll see each other in the coming Risk Management workshop, maybe we'll meet during one of my trips in your area, maybe our paths will cross later this Fall in the London ICF Conference.  In the meantime, take good care and please keep in toutch.