2013 Spring & Summer

22 June 2013

Dear friends

It is officially summer, but we can't be too sure !!  Even seasons have become somewhat undefined.  In the same way, it is harder for me to decipher with precision when a personal transitional process is begining, when another is finishing, if several are overlapping.  This seems to be a general phenomena.  Like me, people, companies, social systems, etc. seem to be caught in a constant re-organization process.  Can anything in our permanently shifting lives still be predictable ?  What are some stable rhythms that can be expected? What are some personal and collective priorities on which we can really focus for any length of time?  On what predictable social and political foundations can we rest assured?  After such an uncertain spring, can we expect a normal summer, a predictable year end?   

While hoping for a more defined direction to gradually emerge out of this undertainty, it seems useful for me to experiment and expand in multiple directions.  I am starting many small projects, and will keep investing on several fronts.  I will continue to develop my apparent ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder, or re-ordering?).  Maybe in time, clear patterns of meaning will surface and I will have the luxury of more focus.   So to conclude, in the present uncertain times it seems very useful for me to creatively develop ventures in all directions, be open to all opportunities, and keep all my intuitions on "alert" .

So after an uncertain spring, it seems that summer is hesitating to come.  Paris is still quite cold.  Like me, many of you may be preparing for your vacation and planning into the fall season.  Below, first what I have in the agenda for the year-end, and then a few personal thoughts.  As, usual don't hesitate to share this letter with your networks.

The Systemic Coaching Fundamentls : This is the market's benchmark training process to become a systemic coach, or you can use it to prepare for ICF coach certification, to become a really performing manager or leader, to radically transform how you are in your personal and professional life, etc.  Whatever may be your goal, this course is transformational.  Some testimonials: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.eu/english/testimonials-fundamentals/ And to register : https://www.metasysteme-coaching.eu/english/dates-locations-and-prices/1338/systemic-coaching-fundamentals-bucharest-romania/.  For our Spanish program, consult the Anse website: https://www.anse.fr/espanol/modulo-de-formacion-en-el-coaching-sistemico/

The Supervision Marathon : The best way to fine-tune your systemic coaching skills with other recognized professional and systemic coaches, and to prepare yourself for the next level, or to pass your next ICF certification:  https://www.metasysteme-coaching.eu/english/dates-locations-and-prices/1395/systemic-coaching-supervision-marathon/

The workshops :  The Delegated Processes, the Breakthrough Processes, Risk Management (Cubes), Diagnosis.  These four two-day workshops are for systemic leaders, managers, or coaches who want to develop their personal, team or organizational coaching skills.  The web page for more information on all these workshops is https://www.metasysteme-coaching.eu/english/dates-locations-and-prices/

International : Aften the Bucarest Enesco music festival in September, I will to go to Sweden for a systemic coaching workshop / conference , and then to Mexico City early October for another conference and two workshops  (https://individualandteamdiagnosis.wordpress.com/: (Please tell your Hispanic and Mexican friends about this).  So besides my usual personal and professional time in Paris and Bucarest, it seems I will have more long-distance, international trips this year, and more work with new cultures.  This is always enriching to me, and usually stimulates my creativity.

On line : You may have already seen some of the few short videos I have recorded on systemic coaching.  They are listed on UTube : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLul7g3zvXpWKS8VoT42J_rZ95whppLMja    And don't hesitate to link to my personal Facebook page (Alain Cardon MCC) and to the Métasystème Coaching page on which I often list other video resources : https://www.facebook.com/groups/metasysteme.coaching/?notif_t=group_r2j

Metasysteme Coaching Websites : Also, the aging Metasysteme websites soon will be re-designed and simplified this summer.  Expect some major changes in our web "look".  On the same websites, but a little later in the fall, you can also expect e-learning innovations, first for coaches and then for managers and leaders (teasing) !!!  

Personal questions...


To top it all... I am now grandfather, to a New Yorker grandson.  Pictured above, he also seems to be pondering what this world is about.  His birth has suddenly pushed me into a generation of "elders" and into an even more international family.  As with every unforseen nomination or sudden acquisition of a novel position, I first had a feeling of surprise and imposture : It seemed to me as if nothing had really changed, except in the eyes of others. 

I always need time to grow into a new position.  Shouldn't a new role be offered only when I feel and recognize myself as ready to assume the change ?   What equivalent professionnal resonance can I expect to develop, that will reflect this new international or mid-Atlantic grampa identity ?   Although I am fundamentally the same person, it seems that all my personal and professional perspectives have slightly shifted. 

But let there be no doubt; Raphaël's arrival is a divine blessing, and I know he has come to this world for a very precise mission.  That is already obvious ! Transitions can simultaneously be slow, seem uncertain, and feel very definitely clear.  Luckily, I have all summer, including a few weeks of vacation, to digest and align.  One week in the Mediterranean : farniente in Ibiza.  A week-long niece's wedding in Maine (US), with Raphaêl and extended family.  Another week-long visit with friends in Montreal.  And ample open time to think, write and, seize another batch of unforseen opportunities.

What's next :  As usual, I am counting on you to stay in contact.  Please do not hesitate to tell your network about my systemic coach-training program.  I sense that I am very usefully contibuting to the evolution of leadership, management and the coaching profession.  In this developement, I know that your word-of-mouth is really precious.  Also, please keep in touch and occasionally give me news of your own quests and challenges, or come to one of my open tables (communicated on Facebook) and share a coffee, beer and friendship on one of my Bucarest trips. 

I wish you an excellent summer.