September News

01 September 2014

Dear friends

A mellow summer is coming to a close.  I hope that it has given you opportunities for rest and to get resourced.  End of August, we returned home from an extraordinary business and leisure trip to Mexico City and surrounding areas.  A beautiful country, interesting history, vibrant culture, and good local friends! We had previously spent two family weeks in Ibiza to baptise our grandson Raphael and enjoy good food and farniente.  All in all, it was a rather Hispanic summer, and it precludes more Latin American perspectives, detailed further below. 



In June and July, I have published several new English books and one Spanish translation on different aspects of Systemic coaching, and on KINDLE :

  • A new text titled Systemic Team and Organizational Coaching.  It is based on my team-coaching bestseller (French and Spanish and Romanian paper editions) This Kindle version is corrected and updated and includes a new section on organizational coaching. Clic Here to consult it.
  • An English version of the French « l’art véritable du maître coach » published in France and in Romanian on paper in 2012.  It is focused on the almost meditative nature of masterful systemic coach presence.  It is titled Masterful Systemic Coaching: Clic Here to consult it, and to order the original French book at InterEditions, clic Here
  • A spanish translation of the above called  Maestria en Coaching Sistemico.  As of now, I have been told this translation leaves a lot to be desired, so it is being seriously corrected and improved.  As you may know, any acquired copy will be automatically corrected and updated by Kindle, so you will not need to buy it twice should you be as impatient as I am.  To go to kindle, clic here

Other books in Romanian and future Spanish translations will also be published on KINDLE over the next year.  Don't hesitate to tell your networks about all of these, and thank you again for your unfledging support !

Videos and Conferences

It's a bit late to inform you on the Video conference I have delivered for the UK ICF chapter this last September 9.  It was a great success!  Fortunately, if you are motivated for other confernce options:

  • i will delive an equivalent English language video converence for the Belgium ICF chapter on September 22.
  • On the 23rd, I will speak in the main France HR association on how to help organizations develop a truly digital culture with the help of systemic coaching. 
  • I am also programmed for a Kirsh (Califormia) radio interview on September 25. 
  • Another IESEG (Paris) university conference is programmed October 7, 
  • Etc

The common foundation or thread for all these public talks and keynotes: individual, tea and organizaitional systemic coaching.  Conclusion: Yay, interest is really building up for systemic coaching.  Today, this approach seems to be spearheading the general wave of interest for the profession.

Now if you want to view a few of my talks (shorts) from the comfort of your office chair or couch at home, I have posted some fifteen inspiring (I hope) videos on my YouTube playlist.  Enjoy!!

Training and workshops in Mexico City

Our next Mexico City Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching course is programmed to start October 27 & 28 and end March 2015.  It offers a truly dynamic learning adventure to explore the deeper synchronic resonances of systemic coaching.  Paradoxically, it is appropriate for begining coaches and for managers, and it is generally very challenging for advanced professionals. For information on this intensively transformational program for managers and coaches and to register, clic here

Four team coaching and managment workshops are also programmed in Mexico in the coming six months: Delegated Processes, Breakthrough Processes, Risk management (cubes), Individual and team Diagnosis.  You can also consult the Mexico program for these other two-day team-coach training workshops and Supervision programs here.

Training and workshops in Bucharest

In Europe, our next English language Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching course is programmed to start September 15 & 16 and end December 8,9 & 10 in Bucarest .  That is very shortly, so do not hesitate to register soon!  For information on this intensively transformational program for managers and coaches and to register, clic here.

Our next three-day Supervision Marathon for systemic coaches in Bucarest is programmed for November 13, 14 & 15.  This marathon is the best way to prepare for ICF certification, whether you are planning to go for ACC, PCC or MCC. For information and to register to any of our workshops, clic here.

A two-day Breakthrough workshop for managers and coaches is programmed in Bucarest for October 30 & 31.  For information on the program and to register, here.

Note that all the above training programs are extremely practical.  They are all delivered in English, in a systemic frame of reference, and are all ACSTH validated by the International Coach Federation.  They are all focused on acquiring and developing the eleven ICF core competencies, and in this perspertive, all provide validated coach training hours that can also count for ICF coach certification renewals.

And if, spetember 18-23 you are going to Malmö in Sweden for the ICF Coaching Conference, see you there !!

My health program

An unexpected and more personal underlying theme has been motivating me since the begining of 2014.  It concerns my physical shape.  Almost accidentally in January, I signed up to attend a workout  space. not too far from our Paris appartment.  Pumping iron on a regular basis and a few home exercises have slowly redistributed my body weight and transformed some of my fat into muscle.  With Geanina, we also go on regular 20 to 25 kilometer walks on the green Paris highline or "coulée verte", to the Bois de Vincennes, and sometimes along the Seine River.   

I have also changed some of my eating habits, eating lighter meals, copious breakfasts but transparent brews in the evening.  We mostly eat bio foods, and I occasionally go on daylong purifying fasts.  As a result, my body is slowly transforming itself. 

Not too surprizingly, these changes also have an influence on my state of mind, my spirits, my rhythms, my thoughts and my emotions.  I feel lighter, more agile, more alert, more at peace.  I have never been a big consumer, but my buying needs have reduced, are more thought out and maybe more mature.  In short, I seem to savour more with much less.  All this seems to contribute to my minimalist coaching approach and to the quality of my personal and professional presence.

So that's all my news for now.  I hope it will help to develop our connection, maybe provoke an e-mail, meeting or call in the coming months.  And don't hesitate to foward this newsletter to chosen members of your networks. 

To conclude, I wish you an excellent Fall season year end with all the success and pleasure you can handle.