10 January 2015

Dear Friends

May you have the happiest, most beautiful, successful and exciting year in 2015 and the excellent health to fully enjoy it all.  May we also have the pleasure to meet, network, develop and grow together this coming year, should the opportunity arise.  I feel it will be a very exciting year.

For us, 2014 had already ended with a major personal change: we went to New York City and met Noé, our second Yankee grandson.  We then went on to meet Archie, my niece's first son, born in Scotland.  Welcoming our new international generation is such a tremendous joy for my heart and soul  And my brother will be a grandfather again next month, this time of Bostonian twins!


Unfortunately, this year has also started with a more dramatic big Bang.  The Paris terrorist killings have taken a very heavy toll.  Along with innocent hostages and police personnel, several engaged cartoonists were specifically targeted and killed for being free-thinking and provocative anarchists.  Since my teens, I have always understood they were profoundly humanist, relentlessly fighting for freedom of expression, against all forms of bigotry with a devastatingly effective sense of humor.  Truly engaged, they have always been part of my personal, intellectual and Parisian environment.  Life will not be the same without them.  May they rest in peace. 

Someday, may we all succeed in fulfilling their lifelong mission, to make the world a better place for diversity and freedom of expression.


Self Assessment

On a more professional note this January, we have launched of our new systemic patterns and skills self-assessment tool for coach trainees, established coaching professionals, entrepreneurs and managers.  It is a fractal-patterns oriented assessment tool that first helps anyone discover their positive and less effective operational behavioral patterns in any personal or professional field, then offers very practical options for active change.  I have been preparing this online service for years.  First adopters are already testing it and providing us with feedback to improve the customer experience.  We are now waiting for yours! 

To check it out and then experience it, CLICK HERE  and to read an introductory article on some of the design behind it CLICK HERE.   We are now turning our attention to having it translated for our French-speaking market, and then Spanish will be programmed to follow.   Even if the algorithm is the same for all languages, this is not a small task as the databases are a few hundred pages dense.

Other digital developments

This new online service confirms a general trend in Metasysteme's longer-term strategy.  Indeed, Metasysteme Coaching’s structure, it’s business model and its income is gradually becoming increasingly digital. 

  • For all our services charged in Euros, more and more clients pay online, reducing paperwork and routine administrative tasks. 
  • The and related websites are gradually expanding their international footprint, with over 12 000 monthly visits originating from over 150 countries.  Our website articles are regularly consulted and downloaded confirming the importance of Metasysteme's contributions to systemic coaching and collaborative management.
  • The above-mentioned "freemium" online self-assessment tool, is designed as a challenging resource that will also contribute to developing better coaches and managers. 
  • The growing Kindle book library will gradually distribute new books and translations of the 15+ paperbacks that have accompanied Metasysteme's development over the past 35 years.
  • The French YouTube and English YouTube video libraries, are all developing well.  They include shorts and longer recordings of key systemic coaching and management concepts and tools.  These two playlists will also be gradually expanded over the coming years. 
  • And don't forget the numerous links to systemic resources accumulated on the Metasysteme Coaching Facebook page over the years. 

Do not hesitate to register with any of the above in order to be informed of future postings. 

  • To complement these developments, also know that a new forthcoming private-cloud team-meeting app is being developed this January to be made available online for networks, teams and organizations this year. 
All these digital developments are designed to continue serving our manager and coach clients and friends worldwide, at a click's notice.


The Metasysteme Coaching’s large-group organizational coaching process to accompany up to seventy top company key players along with their executive team is becoming our network's most effective transformational service.   More traditional executive team-coaching processes have become a model of the genre.  And speaking of modeling, Metasysteme-trained coaches are also slowly building our reputation of excellence in one-on-one systemic executive coaching contracts, all over Europe.  As a consequence of this intensive work in the field, our international client base is expected to expand into numerous new areas this year, such as in insurance, commercial airlines and several high-end luxury businesses.

This letter would not be complete if we forgot to mention our core systemic coaching training programs: Our 9-day Metasysteme Coaching “Systemic Coaching Fundamentals”, 2-day “Metacoach Workshops” and “Supervision” series for managers and coaches are very successful programs.  They regularly and extensively offered in France, in Romania and in Spain, occasionally in a host of other countries and internally, in client organizations.  The originality of all these systemic programs is that they all aim to help coaches and managers:

Remember all these programs are ICF validated and provide ACSTH coach-training credits to pass or renew ICF certification.

This summarizes how we plan to develop ourselves, accompany our customers, continue supporting the coaching profession and contribute to world peace this year.  On a more personal note, we have also planned our vacation time (we are French!) and programmed a first 1000km walk from Paris to the Pyrenees.  this will be the first half of a commitment to reach Compostella next year.  And we'll keep you posted on all this in our future updates.

Again have a beautiful, enlightening year.  Travel safely.  Love deeply.  Keep in touch.


Alain and Geanina Cardon