31 August 2016

Dearest friends

We first wish you a peacefully successful fall season.  May your year end be filled with many meaningful personal and professional projects.  Considering our excellent weather here in Paris, light rain at the present, it's hard for us to believe that our proverbially endless French summer vacation is already over.  The local Metasysteme network has progressively aligned and is ready to accompany your coaching projects this coming year.  We have already had our first local network meeting in Lyon this last August 29 and our client agenda is already rather full for the next few months!

This past summer, we have shared our time between several destinations and micro-vacations, enjoying family time, occasional online coaching sessions, several writing sprees and work sessions on ongoing projects.  Travels: a short stay in Ibiza with the grandsons, a few days in Barcelona with my eldest, a week in Saint-Malo (Saint Mac Low) in Brittany enjoying a seawater spa and Atlantic tides, and occasional visits to our exceptionally sunny and touristic home base in Paris. 

These varied, activities and destinations may appear rather dispersed.  Not so!  An almost continuous state of contemplation, professional reflection, serene appreciation of nature and general gratitude made my whole summer break very coherent.  It seems that deep meaning or the essence of things lays hidden in the folds of short relational sequences, minute actions and micro patterns that make up our day-to-day reality.  As the saying goes, the devil is in details.  Fortunately, the same goes for all our supportive angels!


Systemic Coaching and Management Training

We are now running a full-fledged, English-language, ICF-validated ACSTH systemic coaching school in Romania, the second highest GNP-growth country in Europe after Ireland!  As Romania is a well-connected low-cost airline destination, know that these programs are also attracting participants from all Europe, some from Russia, even from Singapore and Canada! Consider the following offer:

  • This Fall season, we will launch not one but TWO Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching programs for managers and coaches in TWO complementary Romanian locations. 

This intensely practical training program has participated in training a large majority of Romanian coaches holding ICF certification whether ACC, PCC, or MCC.  The first program will begin on October 10-11 in Bucharest, and the second on October 17-18 in IASI.  Both are scheduled to end early 2017.

  • For leaders and coaches on October 3-4, in Bucharest:  Attend a two-day workshop on powerful coaching and management, results-oriented processes to achieve extraordinary measurable outcomes or really performing ROI (Return on Investment), no matter the concerned areas.

Many coaches and managers think that developing their emotional, relational and social competencies will suffice to lead themselves, their teams and organizations to success.  Very few, however, know how to engage themselves and their teams in mind-shifting Breakthrough Processes  to achieve much more than just normal progress and return on investment.

For trained systemic coaches and managers, this process offers a collaborative learning environment focused on developing micro competencies to foster personal, team and organizational transformation. For many, attending this type of marathon is the best way to prepare to pass their next-level ICF certification, ACC, PCC and MCC.

  • To top off this intense fall program, we are offering several two-day workshops on Delegated Processes in systemic team coaching, in three Romanian cities booming with entrepreneurial start-ups in IT and related fields.

The first one will be delivered on November 10-11 in IASI, the second one on November 17 & 18 in Cluj-Napoca – a new Romanian destination for the Metasysteme-Coaching school – and the third on December 8 & 9 in Bucharest.  These three identical workshops are a clear indicator of the Romanian market’s interest for systemic team coaching methods.  The latter are focused on efficiently developing bottom-up, personnel-driven micro competencies to grow liberated, delegating, collaborative and entrepreneurial teams and organizations.  Incidentally, a few new articles on these systemic micro competencies will soon translated into english from our French website.

Also, to satisfy a growing demand expressed by coaches who have attended Metasysteme-Coaching programs in Europe and applied their skills in client organizations, be informed that we sill shortly deliver Metasysteme-Coaching Systemic Coach Certificates.  These will be complementary to ICF certification.  Our school is indeed achieving such excellent market recognition that our trainees should be able to benefit from our reputation!

A recent conference, and more in the near future:

With great pleasure, I am regularly solicited to participate in various coaching and management conferences.  The most recent is available on YouTube, and a few others are programmed for the near future:

  • On "The Art of Management" a conference in IASI, Romania

Organized for a floor of IT entrepreneurs and programmers, this conference was delivered at the SummIT conference, last June 2016.  For your benefit, a recording of that delivery is now available on YouTube.  For once the conference theme was not the Art and Science of management. I consequently took liberties and wove into my speech a number of metaphorical stories that I hope you will enjoy! 

  • I now seem to be considered one of the grandfathers of coaching in France!    

In keeping with that glorious aura, I have been invited to contribute to
a group talk with a number of other old timers who have helped develop
the profession in this country.  This round table will be delivered in French and take place November 26, 2106 at La Sorbonne university in Paris,.  The event is organized by the French SFCoach professional association that is celebrating 20 years of professional services to local coaches. To Register

  • Next February 27, 2017, in English and in Budapest.

I am delivering a conference in the "Coaching Without Borders" program organized by CHN COACH ISKOLA.   My speech and workshop is on "Systemic Coaching for a Digital Culture in Organizations"Please spread the word in your Hungarian network, and beyond.

  • I have also personally reserved August 24 to 27, 2017 to participate in the ICF World convention in Washington DC. Hope to see you there!  For more information (soon) consult the ICF website 

To Conclude

Beyond these activities, this fall also seems very promising for our individual, team and organizational coaching practice, both in Eastern and Western Europe. We are presently negotiating with several start-up and more classical IT organizations.  These clearly seem to spearhead the general market’s dynamic interest for our landmark team and organizational coaching programs.

I am also slowly progressing both in my writing projects and in developing my digital and online resources for managers and coaches.  These aim to support coach development as well as team and organization cultural transformations.

So until my next newsletter due this year-end, I wish you an excellent season and thank you for your continuing presence at our sides, supporting our programs.  All the above would never have been possible without your active buzz!  As always, I am available for a phone or SKYPE chat, for a sidewalk café or brunch meeting, for a mail exchange or to envision a shared project, whichever!

Thankfully yours,   Alain