Finistera !!

08 June 2017

Finistera, conclusions

Thank you all for your active presence and warm support during our Camino walk to Santiago de Compostella.  Truly an extraordinary journey!  I wish that you may each experience as much intensity and joy on your own quests, whatever the nature of your path and the sunderlying purpose of your destination.

Some embark on the Camino to experience new connections and friendships, even to find a soul-mate.  Others travel in solitude, or as well documented tourists, sometimes in physical pain proudly displaying their blisters, or hiding deeper scars, others in a meditative mode, or in spiritual longing.  Some travel to heal their broken hearts or damaged souls worn by the hardships of life.  Others rush by in sporting gear focused on their performance indicators and on achieving each day's challenge.  Some experience slow-life in communion with the beauty of mother nature, etc.   There are probably as many types of pilgrimages as there are individual pilgrims.  To each his or her own quest.  
Too bad so many trite clichés hide this awsome diversity!  As for us, we traveled light and well equipped, mostly alone and together, in a shared form of high-end, introverted minimalism. 

Such a personal journey has always been difficult for me to share.  I can mention a colorful, intimate patchwork of feelings and emotions: moments of intense joy, occasional deceptions, blissful experiences, regular silent awe, accumulated physical fatigue, existential gratitude,  deep sleeps inhabited by intense dreams... an underlying sense of slow progression, warm solitude and as a couple, regulated by a sunrise to sunset rhythm.  Not to forget our continuous dialogue with nature, listening to its soft and powerful presence, as it tested the very real limits of our physical capacities and human condition.  While we simply inhaled and exhaled, step by step, day by day, this all contributed to a silently emerging spiritual wave.

The Grand Finale: Reaching Cap Finistere of Galice this last month of May. Overflowing with a wide range of intense, sometimes unbearably paradoxical emotions, on edge, on the brink of tears, in vibrating hyper presence, electrified to the point of passing out, overjoyed, trembling in existential shock.   And the numbing awareness that we had finally succeeded, elated that we reached our destination, happy, relieved and regretting it was so quickly over, choked by our sudden loss! In a form of no-man's land, an aftermath, without any trace or road sign as to what must follow.  Submerged by the immensity of the sea.
  Not to mention all for which there are no words

Spread over the past three years, our 2000 kilometer Camino journey has punctuated, densified, recentered and profoundly affected our lives.  Both personal and professional.  The two intermediate years were an integral part of it and also very useful. They gave us ample time to mature, digest, grow and heal.  Initially, we didn't have a clearly determined plan.  It turned out to be excellent. 

Thank you again for your presence at our sides, together as we all stride on our separate roads.


Personal observations

The Camino can obviously serve to actualize our lives, to clearly reposition ourselves in the presence of who we are, of how we are enriched by our past experience, of how we come to stand on the sliding threshold of our futures, of how we come to face the immensity of our unknown horizons.  Today, both in my personal life and as a coach, coach trainer and coach developer:

  • I feel more intensely present to the intricated universal web that connects us all, all our projects, all our hopes and fears, all our needs for light and shadow.  

  • I perceive more how each one of our most insignificant personal actions are very precise threads that weave into the majestic complexity of infinite reality.

  • I appreciate more how each of our most trivial contributions, brick by brick, serve to build the edifice of human destiny.
  • I am much more present to how our daily chatter, our words resonate onwards and connect us to a much deeper vibration, an underlying collective purpose.

  • I appreciate even more the wealth and strength that emerges from the depths of true silences.

  • Very gradually, I feel more connected, in the awareness of becoming.

Today, I also somewhat feel that I have no real ambition, no consequential project, not even a specifically designated important goal.  I do, however have deep motivations.  Luckily, these are aligned with my ongoing interests in systemic coaching... as that field gradually becomes a form of quantum-based approach.

  • I will continue to explore the deeper purpose that emerges from the minute, immediate details of very short coaching conversations: the wealth in the power of a sigh, the effectiveness of a quick glance, the pertinence of a soft word, the brush of an elegant gesture, the presence of what is.

As in the proverbial butterfly effect, I am very concretely conscious that with very little effort, with a truly minimalist coaching posture, one can help achieve extraordinarily consequential results. 

  • I want to continue to explore the enormous levaraging effects of fractal and viral coaching strategies, to experiment with those infinitesimal contributions that can provoke chain reactions, domino effects.  I want to seize more of those innocent questions that trigger massive reconfigurations.  I want to serve more of those simple, precise words that initiate fulgurating transformations.

So I will continue to develop and experiment with minimalism, with totally local coaching strategies in order to contribute to much larger, urgently needed global solutions.  This as significantly and effectively as I can.  


Practical and pragrmatic work accompanying achieving clients has always been my professional home base, my creative sand box.  Client reality has always helped me keep both my feet firmly on the ground as together, we explore the outer reaches of our shared growing edges. 

So I will go on coaching individuals, teams, and organizations in large ensembles, that is in groups of 60-80 leading managers.  I am privileged to have a few well-chosen, deeply committed, national and international individuals and companies who take their development very seriously and who do excellent work.  Blissful partnerships are already planned for most of this coming year.   I feel as if my Camino has now spread to cover a larger European environment, sometimes a little beyond. 

I will also continue to share my systemic experience with begining and
confirmed managers and coaches.
  In French when in France, in Romania
when in English.

Coach training

On the one hand, I will continue to train systemic professionals as they aquire the skills to challenge, to stretch, to grow their skills, hearts and souls as transformational managers and coaches.

I can help them explore the transformational nature of that precise, eternal, magical and chaotic instant that alternates somewhere between the deep density of an inspiring silence and the powerful interruption of a coaching intention.

  • The core or epicenter of Metasysteme's training program is the "Systemic Coaching Fundamentals" for managers and coaches.  The next programs are to be delivered in Bucharest starting September 21-22, 2017, and in Iasi starting October 23-24, 2017 both to end early 2018.   
A few participants are already enrolled,  As I need active support in filling these programs, do not hesitate to inform your European networks and closer partners and friends.

This systemic management and coaching foundation is also completed by four two-day workshops focused on acquiring team and organizational coaching tools and strategies. 

NOTE The next two workshops are programmed rather soon, this JUNE!!
  • The Metasysteme individual, team and organization "Diagnosis" workshop is programmed for June 15 and 16 in Bucharest.  It rests on a quantum approach that reveals how individuals and collective systems systematically deploy their own characteristic fractal success patterns and strategies. These can be exponentially improved through a number of very practical tools, strategies and micro-competencies. 
  • In Iasi, June 26 and 27, the "Breakthrough" workshop rests on another quantum principle by which measument tools and strategies actually structures the reality we wish to materializel  This includes how systemic coaching and management can help create unexpected return on investment (ROI). 

Other workshops are listed for the end of 2017 and for 2018 on the Metasysteme-Coaching  website.  All these programs are validated ACSTH by the International coach Federation (ICF). Their architectures have evolved over time in order to become more powerfully effective in preparing performing managers and coaches  The market is becoming deeply aware of this quality.  

To inform you friends and networks on all our services, coming conferences and possible extra workshops, do not hesitate to have them enter their e-mail on the bottom of our home page.  They will then also receive this occasional newsletter.  


On the other hand, I will continue to share as openly as I can: to write articles (possibly books), to record videos, to design online tools, etc. 

A number of my recent articles concern management and coaching micro competencies that can also be usefully deployed in many areas of personal life in order to change basic behavioral patterns.  For the better, of course.   This first article above includes many links to others focused on more specific strategies. 

My latest article is on the quantum dimension of time/space in systemic coaching.  I am deeply aware that systems thinking is in total coherency with modern-day quantum theory and the perceptual transformation it can provoke on our day-to-day reality.  It can also document the reality of our existential and spiritual experience.  Indeed:

  • Time and space merge into one to become a dancing couple, intimately intricated with another ensemble, that of matter and energy! (on which I also intend to write soon). 

  • The holographic and fractal nature of the universe is infinitely mirrored within our own conscience, appearing in the form of every one of our actions.

  • Within this unitary whole, we are participating observers, co-creators of our internal (local) and external universal (global) reality.

In total congruency with the diigtal revolution and our current economical and socio-political contexts this systemic-quantum exploration is just begining to reveal its very practical appropriateness.  This research deeply inspires me, and writing about it allows me to evaluate my ongoing progress while I navigate and explore in the field   Writing also allows me to share with those of you who are fed by an equivalent passion.  

  • On this note, I'm continuously developing the fractal, online "Systemic self-coaching journey" for managers and coaches to integrate more and more practical systemic elements originating from my coaching practice.   

If you have not downloaded a recent version of your report, you may do so from your personal account on our website (log in to it), and then enjoy the improvements!   The complete reports now include more than 25 pages,  They provide each with a detailed description of fractal behavioral patterns that one almost invariably deploys in coherent sequences from a few minutes to several years.  I'm hearing this online experience is both powerfully confronting and extremely pertinent... so very useful for systemic managers and coaches!

In order to follow my various other contributions in writing or video, don't hesitate to check the article page on the Metasysteme Coaching website (list on the right), to consult my Alain Cardon MCC pages (and articles) on Linkedin and on Facebook (which displays many Camino pictures), my English and Spanish books on Kindle, and my videos on YouTube Don't miss the latest one from Malaysia on silence in coaching.  Speaking of Spanish, much of what I do and more is developed by Claude Arribas to serve Spanish management and coaching communities in Spain and Latin America.


So you now have a few personal updates on my Camino conclusions, and elements of what I'm up to professionally, for now and in the near future.   Again thank you for your ongoing active support, for your appreciation of my contributions to systemic management and coaching, and mostly for your presence at our sides.

And do not hesitate to tell me what you are up to, on your own life path.  Call, leave a message, send a text, an e-mail, or come and visit!