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A few Comments from Clients

Being chairman of many companies in Eastern Europe (and not a coach), I was very skeptical about the usefulness of the course.  But the "Fundamentals of Coaching" transformed a lot my management style.  It eased it and made it more empowering for my colleagues. The funny and amazing part is that I found the principles of your coaching method very counter-intuitive in the beginning and I was surprised by its fast and impressive results, getting clients to find their solutions on their own.

On a personal matter, the effect was even more important and I learnt what active listening means and  how much it can bring. Though I perceived i have excellent relationships with my friends and family, I can still say that it took them to a higher level.    Congratulations once again.  Walid Abboud, Sensiblu, A&D Pharma, Mediplus...

We initiated our work with Alain Cardon three years ago (2003) in order to boost our executive team's efficiency. The group was composed of strong professionals with high working standards in their respective areas. Relationships were good between them but  they were not really challenging each other. Operational issues were overwhelming strategical discussions. As a consequence, it was obvious that as our executive meetings were not driving sufficient value and our output as a team was not superior to the sum of individuals. Worse, we could sense that this inefficiency was repeated at various levels of the organization in a very systematic (and systemic)pattern.

Our first team developement working session with Alain was a shock as it led us to a clear understanding of  how our team dynamics were driving the wrong organizational behaviour. We visualized new attitudes and behaviors that would make a difference. To support the implementation of these attitudes, Alain proposed a set of basic team operating processes. 

Other sessions followed with a series of similar team development and team coaching programs on different levels of the organization which truly made a difference in the company. Our culture has dramatically changed: individuals now take personal responsability for each team's performance (versus what used to be upward delegation to the boss); commitment to results and peers has dramaticallly increased; meetings are focused on decision making (versus information overflow); open feedback and demand for  the best from colleagues is natural and well accepted.

Fortunately, this philosophy has become contagious in the organization.  Weaker teams feel the pressure as differences with their colleagues become more obvious.  I was and remain impressed at the immediate and very concrete impact that has resulted from this work with Alain Cardon. The cultural change is very visible and appreciated by all managers in the company. Most would like to repeat the experience to continue to push for team performance.   Marc Lafeuille CEO Bayer Healthcare France

I worked very closely with Alain during several development programs we were implementing together and for Human Invest clients. He always managed to provide a mature and profound perspective that ensured we always crafted the right solutions for the challenges our clients faced.  His presence and values was also a valuable resource for our own company’s transformation that started in 2009. He played a huge role in the new attitudes, work processes and positive results that emerged out of this transition. Viorel Panaite CEO  HUMAN INVEST Romania

Several times, I have had the opportunity to work with Alain Cardon particularly on principles of "situational management", during "delegated meetings" and in implementing "breakthrough processes".  Each time, both as a manager and as a participating client, I have recorded a clear improvement in team performance, in its management processes and in its capacity to focus on common goals.  

Alain Cardon and his coach network have an approch that mirrors what they propose to achieve: effectiveness, delegation, circularity, individual and team perfomance. Their "systemic" approach have them work more on what can be observed in teams rather that on the principles verbalized by their managers... To conclude, the experience, the authority and the method that Alain Cardon proposes are as many powerful tools at the service of any organization that aims for more delegation, co-decision and effectiveness. Alain Pourcelot - Marketing Director  ADIDAS France

'Having the honour and pleasure to participate Alain's 'Fundamentals' is like going back to basics, to YOUR own basic behaviours: carefully listening, caring, being there. It is more than accompanying your client by asking for the best in him/her, it is every single moment about accompanying yourself  in your own discovery journey.' Adriana Ross-Maugourd METRO executive HR, Bucharest/Change Mgt.Dir. Dusseldorf