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I finished your article on "attentive presence" (ie : the Toolbox article on Systemic Coaching  Posture and Process). It is a wonderfull article. Just by reading it I learned a lot. As I went into it I got inspired, was captured by a certain kind of energy and a very specific attitude towards mankind. This attitude: attentive, loving, open, welcoming, warm - and at the same time focused, working, going forward, trusting and ambitious. You had said that you were trying out a new way of writing. I can see that, mostly in the last third of the pages (starts around "Presence to clients within their issue" ...). They are more freely written, they are courageous as you try to capture with words what is hard to nail down in language.   I especially liked when you describe physical phenomena of change:  The breakthrough: "Less visible are the spinal chill, the physical choc and the mental disequilibrum that accompany the radical change in context architeture." Christina Quirin, Hamburg

I have worked last week with 30 people from a company (3 departments) in the organization coaching format you described in the article "Systemic Organisational Coaching, a Case Study" on the Metasysteme website.

After reading the case study I decided to propose this approach to one of my clients who had initially asked  for a teambuilding event.  Meeting with the CEO of the company (Petroleum company) he changed his mind from teambuilding to teamcoaching and from working exclusively on relationships to working also on processes. 

The results appeared in hours (outputs for them) and the CEO was very excited about the process, (altough in the first meeting was very perfectionist and wanted to know what I was going to do every minute).  I have to confess that I didn’t expect such accuracy from the participants in sticking to the framework I provided. Also, I have seen the focus on process rather than on fingerpointing. Many people (including some expats present there) admited that delegated meeting roles helped them a lot to stay focused on task.

I realized that this type of example from your activity helps me as a starting point and also as a reference for my future team coaching approaches.  So, if you have some other examples, they would be more than welcome.  Rares Manolesc, ROMANIA