June 14-15-16 2023 Three consecutive days of intensive systemic coaching supervision for trained Executive, team and organizational coaching professionals. (Excellent ACSTH training to prepare for ACC, PCC and MCC ICF certification !) Online if lockdown.


The full 147-hour(+) individual and team-coach training adventure is composed of three programs.  It can be followed as a comprehensive training journey to achieve level two ICF certification.  This full program covers acquiring skills and validated-training hours both in individual (life or business) coaching and in team and organizational

This comprehensive adventure is divided in three separate components to allow participants to manage their progression over time as they acquire experience and clients, develop their professional skills and maturity, and expand their practice. 

This design also allows participants who already have coach training and experience to choose the component (s) that best suits their needs, by just attending Parts I, II, or III over several years, and in the order they consider best for their professional purpose. 

Each of the components or sub-programs are also separatly eligible to acquire ICF-validated training hours.  Please consult us for details.

No matter each individual choice, it is highly advisable to have a preliminary interview with the chosen Metasysteme Coaching program's trainer.

I The SYSTEMIC COACHING FUNDAMENTALS - individual life and business coaching 63 hours)

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II The METACOACH Systemic Team and organizational-Coach training (63 hours)

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III The three-day SYSTEMIC COACHING SUPERVISION  Marathon (21 hours)

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NOTE: Each course proposed below is sometimes offered online, sometimes on location in Bucharest (or other cities), and sometimes both.

Since the March 2020 COVID outbreak, we have ensured almost all of our training activity ON LINE.    In doing so, we have respected our landmark learning architectures, working in large and smaller three-to-ten participant, practice-oriented sub-groups.  We have thus ensured the excellent learning experience provided in the « Systemic Coaching Fundamentals », the METACOACH team-and organizational coaching cours and the three-day supervision marathons. 

MIDDLE EAST, Special Online Programs:  By Rares Manolescu, the " Systemic Coaching Fundamentals "  for Middle-East and international corporate Entrepreneurs, Managers and Coaches:

And for LATIN AMERICA, in Chile and online programs delivered by Claude Arribas. 
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  • Standard price : 1800 € Plus VAT if applicable
  • Early bird price : 1400 € Plus VAT if applicable
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Systemic coaching supervision marathons are designed to allow participants to record their coaching sessions in view of all levels of ICF certification.  Bring our own recording device! 

This supervision marathon rests on a prefered "systemic" theoretical background as practiced in Metasysteme's coach-training program.  Our focus is on observable individual coaching skills or behaviors that are totally coherent with measurable ICF competencies and their "markers".

Program: The full three days (21 hours) are designed to allow each participant to coach each other in turn, while being supervised by an ICF MCC and receive professionnal feed-back from the rest of the attending group.

A minimum of ten supervision sessions occur daily

Participants also engage in organizing each day's work and sharing on how to improve the collective process as they would in a team meeting focused on achieving its desired professional outcome.  This aspect of the work thereby also team-coaching perspectives and supervision.

Furthermore, participant preparing to pass ICF certification may use this supervision setting to record thier coaching and feedback (20 minutes minimum)

Context: Systemic coaching rests on a totally inclusive frame of reference or reality principle. To illustrate, systemic coaches perceive themselves as participating observers who are totally involved within their client contexts, within their client issues, within their client objectives and ambitions, within their client behavioral patterns, within their client processes and results. 
 Intimately participating in both client issues and client solutions, systemic coaches are never considered external nor neutral to client quests.

In short, client concerns and coach personal and professional issues are perceived as totally entwined, or as active parts of one same whole that includes the shared client-and-coach environment. 
 From within this common context, systemic coach processes and skills consist in intimately partnering with the client in order to explore new options and sustainably grow together, as would one inseparable unit. 

From this systemic coaching frame of reference emerges a particular posture and an original way of embracing all the tools and skills specific to the coaching profession. This systemic approach powerfully multiplies both coach and client transformational capacities. 

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Metasysteme Coaching also provides an intensive three-day systemic-coaching supervision marathon in Paris, France and in French.  The process includes systemic individual coaching (and introductory team-coaching) supervision work that simultaneously integrates personal, inter-personal and collective coaching resonances.

Participants: Managers, change agents and Coaches Trained in Systemic coaching  (Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching or equivalent)  PCC and MCC coaches (preparing for ICF coach Certification).  Please note that supervision is exclusively focused on practical work implemented by participants and does not include the delivery of theoretical models. 

Validation: The program is part of our Level II program  (ICF) and counts for 21 hours of training and three hours of individual mentoring.

Location: In Bucharest - (ONLINE if sanitary restrictions)

Dates: June 14-15-16 2023

Language: English

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NEW: A totally innovating TEAM-COACHING supervision process is integrated in our METACOACH team-coaching training program.  To consult it click HERE