Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching and WORKSHOPS IN MEXICO
Two 2-day workshops and a nine-day program on the Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching, all in Mexico City, between this coming July To 0ctober 2014, by Metasysteme and in English !!

02 December 2013
For a full week, I will be delivering two workshops and a conference focused on different aspects of systemic coaching as it applies to team and organisational coaching.  The workshops are limited to 20 participants maximum.  The conference is open to a larger public.
To consult the programs of the Cubes/Risk management workshop, and the Diagnosis Workshop
To access the registration page in Mexico (in Spanish)

The two workshops are ACSTH (Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours) by the International Coach Federation. Consequently, these training hours are prevalidated by the ICF and count for all certification processes and renewals for that association.

To consult our page on ACSTH validation.