RISK MANAGEMENT (Cubes) Coaching workshop
June 2-3, 2014: A very challenging two-day workshop on risk management (the cubes exercise) for coaches and entrepreneurs, in Bucharest

16 July 2014

Risk Management - The Cubes Exercise

A two-day intensely practical workshop for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, coaches, consultants, trainers and HR specialists, (and also for normal people).

Come to experiment the special perspective a systemic coaching approach can add to your comprehension of personal and collective risk management processes.  Of course, this workshop is also an excellent setting to really question the way you define your own challenges and set other people"s goals, in order to achieve outstanding results.

Outcomes:  The participants will acquire:

  • A clear understanding of personal and professional behavior patterns with respect to how they perceive their limits and achieve their results.
  • A new perspective on the deeper motivational issues when we are setting ouselves goals to achieve success.
  • Important insights on the effects of environmental criteria, perceived competition, team support, hierarchy, time and deadlines, available means, quality issues, etc. on their personal patterns to achieve professional and personal results.
  • Clear options for very practical changes, in order to secure a much more satisfying and successful professional and personal future.
  • A clear evaluation of practical entrepreneurial competencies and personal capacities to work as both as independent contractors or within teams and organizations.
  • A precise personal layout of past career-management strategies and decisions, and of present professional situations, in order to define and implement future professional challenges.
  • A new perspective of fundamental human risk management issues when leading or coaching people, teams and organizations to achieve extraordinary results.
  • A systemic view of the coplexity of physical, social, psychological, and existential factors in risk management, whether as leaders and entrepreneurs, or as executive coaches.

Basic knowledge of coaching or management is necessary, as this workshop will not cover the fundamentals of a coaching or managerial posture.

Trainer:  Alain Cardon MCC, Foremost internationally recognized specialist on team coaching.
Price: 750 € (+VAT)/person/2 days of training (consult us for conditions)
Dates: JUNE 2-3 / 2014
Location: Bucharest city center
Maximum attendance: 20 (practical work in sub-teams)
Certification:  International Coach Federation validated training (ACSTH) for coaches

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