November 25-26-27, 2013: An Intensive Three-day Systemic Coaching Supervision Marathon in Paris, France

02 December 2013

Systemic coaching rests on a totally inclusive frame of reference or reality principle. To illustrate, systemic coaches perceive themselves as participating observers who are totally involved within their client contexts, within their client issues, within their client objectives and ambitions, within their client  behavioral patterns, within their client processes and results. 
 Intimately participating in both client issues and client solutions, systemic coach is never external nor neutral to client quests.

In short, client concerns and coach personal and professional issues are perceived as totally entwined, or as active parts of one same whole that includes their shared environment. 
 From within this common or shared context, the systemic coaching process consists in intimately partnering with the client in order to explore together new options and sustainably grow, as would one inseparable unit.

From this systemic coaching frame of reference emerges a particular posture and an original way of embracing all the tools and skills specific to the coaching profession. This systemic approach powerfully multiplies both coach and client transformational capacities.  Teaching systemic coaching is the purpose of the Metasysteme Coach Academy.

Metasysteme Coaching regularly provides an intensive three-day systemic-coaching supervision manrathon in Bucharest, Romania, occasionally in Paris.  The process includes systemic individual and team coach supervision work that will simultaneously integrate personal, interpersonal and collective coaching resonances.

Participants: Managers and Coaches Trained in Systemic coaching  (Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching or equivalent)  Aiming for ACC, PCC and MCC ICF coach Certification.  Please note that a supervision process is excluesively focused on practical work implemented by participants and does not include the delivery of theoretical models.

Location: Paris, city center, France

Language: English

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