NEW: Hypervision for systemic coaches
An updated description of Metasysteme's coach training and supervision approach to develop presence to the integrative effects of systemic resonance.

16 July 2014

There exists a significant parallel between web "hypertext" links and the very inclusive type of presence that is characteristic of systemic coaching.   Indeed, hypertext links or the capacity to access other, apparently distant, related or pertinent documents by the way of a simple click is a very interesting metaphor for the type of presence and enlarged competencies developed by professionally trained systemic coaches.    When listening to a client dialogue, for example, a systemic coach is simultaneously present to a large number of fractal forms and occurrences that may surround the immediate client issue. For example, a systemic coach is both present to obvious and immediate client communication, and aware of:

  • How all the themes and patterns in all the aspects of the client’s life are inter-connected and actively resonating with each other.  These patterns may concern the client’s home, office, family structure, life issues, professional projects and ambitions, car, sports activities, eating habits,vacation plans, etc.
  • How all the themes and patterns in the immediate client issue may also resonate with the coach’s own personal life and professional patterns, issues, themes, ambitions, projects, family life, personal history, car, sports, finances etc.
  • Numerous congruent and non congruent links between the patterns and content of the client issue at hand and the coach's own behaviors, beliefs, values, emotions, sentence structure, etc.  Consequently, clients are also there to accompany coaches in their own self confrontation and self development, through the client growth processes.
  • How synchronicity occurring in the immediate coaching environment may also "accidentally" actively participate in the client's work and in the coaching relationship, either by interrupting or by supporting the flow of the shared development process.
  • Etc

In other words, as a coaching process unfolds, a professional systemic coach has a deep 360° presence in space and time, and is capable of instantly and intuitively making a number of hyperlinks to a large number of similar, pertinent albeit distant contents and patterns.  This extended or expanded awareness will regularly propel the coaching partners into other apparently peripheral areas that are intimately related to both the coach and the client.  Although these links to peripheral forms and contents may superficially seem to be totally unrelated to the coaching issue, they are in fact considered pertinent and taken into account.

These hyper-links to other coach and client fields of interest and to their shared environment will allow the coach and the client to make a number metaphorical connections that will provide new emerging awareness, original options and unexpected solutions that are pertinently applied to the client issue immediately at hand.

As an extra benefit and by modeling, clients progressively learn how to make such hypertext links between numerous occurrences in their personal and professional lives. Indeed, through systemic coaching, leaders, executives and managers also learn how routinely recognize and connect apparently disconnected systemic patterns that occur in their personal and professional lives.  They then apply this acquired competency to perceive pertinent connections

  • between their own team and other systems in their organization,
  • between all their professional processes, projects and programs,
  • between their personal contexts and larger social and political environments,
  • between their professional careers and life plans, etc.

They consequently become much more strategically aware of the underlying forms of reality's intricate complexity.

To illustrate this enlarged systemic presence, systemic coaches learn to perceive themselves as participating observers who are totally involved or entwined within their client contexts, within their client issues, within their client objectives and ambitions, within their client behavioral patterns, within their client processes and results. 
 They learn to accept that they are intimately participating both in their client issues and in emerging client solutions.  By assuming that they are, in fact, participating observers within their client's personal and professional lives, systemic coach learn that they are never external nor neutral to their client quests.

From this systemic coaching inclusive and almost unitary frame of reference emerges a particular posture and an original way of embracing all the tools, skills and strategies specific to the coaching profession. This systemic approach powerfully multiplies both coach and client transformational capacities.  And teaching this type of systemic coaching is the fundamental purpose of the Metasysteme Coach Academy.

Indeed, the capacity to develop a systemic coaching or systemic manager presence, or a presence to multiple “hypertext” connections such as those illustrated above can be learned. Leaders, managers and coaches can acquire that competency by attending the intensive training provided in the “Fundamental of Systemic Coaching” and the various “Systemic Supervision” or "Hypervision" programs provided by Metasysteme Coaching.

With this purpose in mind, Metasysteme Coaching provides intensive systemic-coaching supervision programs in Paris and Lyon in France, in Romania and in Mexico (by Alain Cardon) and in Toulouse (France) and Madrid (by claude Arribas).


Note that the supervsion/hypervision programs provided by Metasysteme Coaching are designed for executives, managers and coaches who have previous training in systemic coaching  (Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching or equivalent.

Metasysteme Coaching's supervision/hypervision programs and "Systemic Coaching Fundamentals" are validated by the International Coach Federation as ACSTH coach-training programs.  They offer ICF-accredited hours that allow to prepare for ACC, PCC and MCC coach certification. 

Please note that a supervision process is exclusively focused on practical work implemented by participants and does not include the delivery of theoretical models nor a systematic, linear learning course.  In order to acquire the foundations of systemic coaching: its preferred posture or presence, frame of reference, specific tools and strategies, etc. we recommend the attendance to Metasysteme Coaching's "Systemic Coaching Fundamentals", a nine day program distributed over a four-month span of time.