One more addition to the 2 books available in English and one in Spanish: Systemic Team and Organizational Coaching, Masterful Systemic Coaching, and Paradoxes in Systemic Coaching and Change Management

07 February 2015

Paradoxes in Systemic Coaching and Change Management

The reader needs to be warned here.  This is not a politically correct book.  Nor is the text respectful of scholarly principles, annotated with knowledgeable quotes and respectful references.  To be sure, this book has certainly been greatly influenced by the authors mentioned in the bibliography and many more.  Indeed, numerous thinkers, writers, therapists and teachers have influenced me in the course of my development and career as a trainer, as a consultant and as a coach.  Too many to quote, and I don’t know what belongs to whom anymore.  And of course, I don’t really believe anything ever belongs to anybody anyway, with all due respect.  Consequently, no idea in what I have written belongs to me (But don’t plagiarize, and never listen to my coach advice... - a paradoxical teaser piece of advice- ).

Systemic Team and Organizational Coaching

This is an updated and expanded English version of a European bestseller on executive team coaching sold in French, Spanish and Romanian since 2002.

The text presents a frame of reference and practical strategies and tools that can be extremely useful:

  • For manager-coaches who want to create healthy, results-oriented growth environments to ensure sustainable team success.
  • For trained systemic coaches specialized in team and organizational systemic coaching.

Numerous annotated case studies, examples and step by step team-coaching and organizational coaching experiences are detailed to make this book a very practical workbook for coaches managers truly centered on allowing organizations and teams develop measurable human and financial added value.

Masterful Systemic Coaching

Masterful coaching is what remains once one strips all the superfluous coaching tools and mental accessories. This book on systemic coaching explores the more personal and intimate inner edge of coaching. Coaching is the art of accompanying clients while they focus on truly achieving themselves. The profession is about the coach and the client, not about tools and techniques. Consequently, to understand what coaching is, an in-depth exploration of the more existential dimensions of systemic coaching is essential.

How do systemic coaches achieve a form resonance with their clients and develop an awareness of synchronicity and other emerging meanings in their shared growth process? How does a systemic coach's form of attentive systemic presence embrace coach and client growth experience as one undivided whole and shared development process? On what existential or spiritual perspective does the fundamental posture of masterful systemic coaching rest?

This totally original book on masterful coaching is a must.

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