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A systemic Self-coaching tool for managers and employees, coaches and clients: Discover the underlying systemic success patterns that influence the way you lead meetings, coach, manage projects, drive your career, etc. Answer a few questions and retrieve a fremium teaser, or much more!!!

22 August 2017

SELF-COACHING JOURNEY, a developmental resource for managers and coaches

No matter what we do, it is the way we do it that matters most.  It is our attitude and process that most resonate with our environments and determine if we will be very successful or less than satisfied with our partnering results.  This is true for us as managers, employees, entrepreneurs, coaches, parents and whatever else we do.

The way we do things are our behavioral patterns (Caution: this is not about your profile!).  What's more, our patterns resonate and correlate with those of others around us: 

  • Are we great starters that don't ever know how to finish, so we never reap the benefits of our creations? Or are we finishers that know how to usefully serve creative initiators?
  • Are we impatiently action-oriented, to the point of underestimating preparation time, rushing into exciting hands-on adventures that lack direction and strategy?
  • Do we know when and how to invest our social skills, develop long-term friendships, welcome intimacy, help people grow in order to develop ourselves with others? 
  • Do we know when and how to follow up on others' initiatives, have collaborative strategies, develop win-win partnerships that lead to collective achievements?
  • Are we well-skilled in information and analysis, do we know our numbers, have financial indicators to ensure the success of good business plans that rest on top quality products and services? 
  • Do we use the above skills at appropriate times for maximum effectiveness?

The Metasysteme SELF-COACHING JOURNEY is not another profile assessment ! It is a detailed online self-coaching tool focused on revealing our manager and coach active behavioral collaborative patterns.  Of course, our active patterns in these fields are also active in our other activities.   Through a few questions related to coaching and management, the purpose of this self-coaching journey is to provide you with:

  • A clear awareness of your personal and professional successful partnership patterns,
  • Precise indication on personal ineffective and avoidance patterns.  Those that replace your appropriate success behaviors.
  • Precise indications on how you can adapt your management and coaching behaviors in order to become more effective with partners, employees, clients, friends, etc.

The Metasysteme SELF-COACHING JOURNEY and 20+ page report is the first systemic online self-coaching tool that provides detailed answers to the above questions, and a host of options to adjust personal and professional patterns and processes.

  • This very practical self coaching tool can also be used to develop quality partnerships or to share on common or systemic development strategies.  For instance your can share your results: between coaches and clients, between managers and employees, between network members, etc.

Enjoy your free introduction to a personal "general profile", and then opt for the 20+ page complete PDF report (for a minimal fee through a secured payment system)!

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