HAPPY 2013 !

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30 December 2012

Last year is already a blurry memory. Notice that since Christmas 2012, days are already getting longer and brighter. Spring and then summer are just around the bend. So much excitement in the air!

May all of you have a fantastic year in 2013. We wish you quality time with close friends, deep loving connections, unexpected successes, and excellent health to enjoy it all. And thank you for your dear presence at our sides.

Somewhere along the way in 2012, it seems that I have stopped setting myself precise goals, elaborating myself complex projects and aiming for ambitious professional outcomes.

Don’t get me wrong: I have not become lazier.  And I am not considering an indirect form of early professional retirement. More than ever, I deeply feel that I am very actively participating in co-developing better futures, that I will continue serving others to achieve their own contributions to create a better world.  And I have also achieved some exceptional measurable results during this past year.  Surprizingly for me, however, these have all come very naturally, almost effortlessly, as if as an accidental, or indirect outcome.     

Today, I feel that I am so confidently focused on being profoundly present to ongoing, shared processes that setting ambitious goals and designing efficient plans to achieve them has become a totally superfluous exercise.  Indeed, I feel much more trustful that countless unexpected, innovating interactive opportunities will playfully replace whatever precise outcome I may consciously set out to achieve.  So I am simply not wasting time locking my sights into clearly defined plans.  I am just deeply confident that I will most probably achieve more than ever before.  Surprisingly, I am just as sure that my very best professional years are yet to come.

Consequently, although I have a planned professional program that will keep me relatively active for the coming months, I feel that much more pertinent projects and results will emerge as the year unfolds.  Staying poised to seize and develop these creative, apparently peripheral opportunities is in fact my real goal.  Interestingly, I also firmly believe that my clients too, will need to open themselves to seize unexpected options in order to achieve innovative outcomes.  In that open, apparently non-directed or loosely opportunistic strategy, we will paradoxically be  completely aligned.

So to stay connected with the global flow and surf with positive environmental energies, I will continue doing what I do best: design processes to accompany clients and friends in order to help them adapt to our shared, apparently chaotic context, and help them uncover and become who they truly are.  To do this, I will continue 1) being a coach, 2) teaching and supervising coaches and 3) writing.

Below, some information and connections to stay informed about my professional activities this year.  Besides France and Romania, these will hopefully take me from Canada to Sweden to Latin America and other unexpected horizons. 

So please keep in touch and do not hesitate to forward this newsletter to whomever you think could benefit from whatever I have to offer.


Beyond working with individuals and accompanying teams, I will continue exploring organizational coaching, or accompanying much larger groups of leadership teams, in order to allow for corporate realignment and leadership culture development.  This large-group coaching approach is proving to be my growing edge, allowing for fundamental and measurable systemic organizational transformation. https://www.metasysteme-coaching.eu/english/systemic-organizational-coaching-a-case-study/

Coach Training:

The Metasysteme Coach Academy coach-development programs have become the preferred European learning arena to develop systemic coaches.  It is also an innovative systemic coaching school of thought and at the center of a growing systemic coach European community.

Our increasingly successful coach-training program for European coaches and leaders,  is delivered in Bucharest, Romania (in English): https://www.metasysteme-coaching.eu/english/dates-locations-and-prices/ .  Don’t miss the new three-day Supervision Marathon that will be offered there twice a year: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.eu/english/dates-locations-and-prices/1395/new-systemic-coaching-supervision-marathon/ .  The equivalent program is delivered in French and in Paris: https://www.metasysteme-coaching.fr/francais/tarifs-dates-et-inscriptions/ .  A third one is delivered in Spanish in Madrid, Spain (by Claude Arribas): https://www.anse.fr/espanol/modulo-de-formacion-en-el-coaching-sistemico/


I plan to continue positing resource articles for systemic coaches on my website, https://www.metasysteme-coaching.eu/english/ .  Maybe, as in the past, a new book will gradually emerge out of some of these.  I will also continue to post pertinent systemic coaching links on my Metasysteme Coaching Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/metasysteme.coaching/ . Although I sometimes refresh some older articles and videos, do not hesitate to consult the history of contributions on that page.  For more personal observations, humor and comments, you can also sign onto my personal FB page at https://www.facebook.com/alain.cardonmcc

Most of all, however, we both want to wish you an excellent year of innovative growth, happiness and health.  Please do keep our connection alive, and take excellent care of yourselves and your loved ones.


Geanina & Alain