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06 March 2013

March 6th, just one day after my 64rth birthday.  Sixty-four is also the number of hexagrams it takes to make a complete I Ching cycle.  And so I start another year with another spring.  My health is good, my spirits are cruising at good altitude.  This year looks like it will be more active, filled with more trips to team coach and deliver conferences, some in Northern Europe, Asia and the Americas.  To be confirmed.

As for my English language systemic coach training, all in Bucharest, Romania, a few quick updates:

The next “Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching” course starts this April 18 & 19.  There is room for more participants and registrations are open:

You can also register to attend the two-day workshop on systemic “Individual and Team Diagnosis” to be held this March 21 & 22.  For leaders, consultants and coaches who wish to enlarge their perspectives to include a challenging and enlightening systemic approach:

Also in the agenda is a three-day “Supervision Marathon” for systemic coaches on July 11-12-13.  The last one in January was a great experience for all, me included! And registration is also open (15 participants maximum):

All these are attracting more participants from all over Europe.  Other options of the same programs are delivered in Madrid by Claude Arribas, and to consult his offer (list on the right side of his page) :


And I need to add with a deep feeling of bliss: I feel that I am now experiencing the best years of my life.  I am actively engaged in practicing a marvelous profession.  I am cherished by my wonderful wife and family and surrounded by exceptional friends.  I also feel appreciated, if not adopted, by clients that seem to want to join the latter group.  I savor the push of the next generations that are getting ready to take over, sometimes impatiently, even if I have not yet said my last word.

That is enough for now.  This letter will be short.  But it was just my birthday yesterday, and so I’m enjoying this beautiful spring day.

And I hope to see you very soon.