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08 April 2013

Hello dear friends:

If before summer, you want to prepare for important personal and/or professional changes, now is the time!  Three quick reminders of what's on Metasysteme Coaching's systemic coach-training and leader-development program in the next few months.  Based in Romania these programs are in English and open to all our European friends:

The "Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching" course.  The next nine-day, practical and intensive training program in systemic coaching stars April 18 and 19 in Bucharest, and finishes July 8-9-10.  This program is ICF validated ACSTH (prepares to pass ICF accreditation)  To read on how the training process is structured to prepare participants to become performing international coaches: and to get practical information in order to register:

The Cubes - Risk Management" two-day workshop, May 13-14.  An extraordinary experience for Managers, entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches.  It offers a challenging learning context that allows each participant to recognize and modify their personal and collective risk-management patterns: in order to significantly increase their own measurable performance and professional ease, in order to better accompany their client results, and in order to ensure their team and their organization development.  Also and ICF validated ACSTH program.  For more information and to register:

The three-day "Systemic Coaching Supervision Maration", July 11-12-13.  Reserved for international systemic coaches. This intensive, very powerful workshop serves to boost your systemic coaching competencies and often serves active professionals to prepare to pass ACC,PCC, and MCC certification.  Again ACSTH validated by the ICF, and to register:  As in the past, priority will be given to participants who have attended the Metasysteme "Fundamentals" systemic coach training.

That is all for now (keeping this short).  Thank you kindly for your interest in my work, and  I hope to see you soon, on my Facebook page or on Linkedin.  Do not hesitate to communicate this information to anyone whom you think could benefit from the above programs.

Take good care and keep in touch.

Alain Cardon