Midway Check 2019

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21 July 2019

Dear Friends

Summer is here!  We're off on vacation tomorrow, with plans to practice yoga, beach  and swim, get back in shape, indulge in siestas and just take it easy.  And interestingly, I don't feel an ounce of impatience.  It's just going to be a change of rhythm, will probably be enjoyable and healthy, with family time and space to read and reflect.  For once, vacation is not such a big deal - so what is it that has changed? 

In fact my body, mind, heart and sould are still overflowing with the sequels of our Via Francigena experience. 

A few words to share on the subject:  We started from the Saint Bernard Pass on May 4, walked 25 to 30 kilometers per day, first down the Aosta Valley, then accross the Po Valley and over the Cisa pass to the Mediterranean sea.  We stopped this trip, for the time being, in Sienna in Beautiful Tuscany.  We totaled some 750 Kilometers or 30 days of personal contemplation and meditation, amazing encounters, existential exploration and spiritual connections.  All this while being lovingly embraced by Italy’s sweet hospitality and generous nature.  And let us not forget a few more challenging themes such as a continuous physical dialogue with my ongoing tendonitis and nagging restless legs syndrome.  In short, it was not just total bliss, but almost.

Today, I am still accompanied by the sensual symphony of harmonious scents, visions, tastes and sounds provided by this sublime millenary, terrestrial Milky Way.  Since then in fact, I have been patiently digesting.  Its subliminal, minimalist, universal message has slowly seeped into every one of my cells.  As a result, I now embrace my eternal vagabond soul.  I welcome my itinerant pilgrim’s quenchless thirsts.  I recognize the drive of my insatiable explorer’s calling much more intimately.  I also know that I have always lived on this path.  It is a condensate of my life story. This last month of May has consolidated this obvious awareness and rooted it in me, in our couple.  And, considering this is what is, our backpacks are already itching for more!

On another plane, since June 10, I have taken my other road warrior rhythm as a coach, trainer and citizen of a transforming if not chaotic world. To continue, after a few weeks vacation, we’ll be off to Buenos Aires, then Paris, Lyon, Bucarest, Iasi, Prague, Toulouse, and many other less habitual destinations.  And if I seem to have a rather clear vision of coming changes this year - everything is already falling into place - I am not so sure about what may come after.  As a matter of fact, my oldest son is getting married July 2020.  Considering the importance of that event, I cannot see much further!


Perspectives until June 2020

This coming year, I expect to travel just as much in Europe and to Argentina.  I will allot a little less time to coach training and supervision, a little more energy to accompany corporate individuals, teams and organizations or groups of 60 to 100 internal managers.   That is now my core and experimental focus. I excel at it, and the need and demand is definitely out there.   The exception will be to propose internal nine-day coach-training programs, the "Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching », to executive teams enlarged to include up to 24 key players (check out a LINKEDIN article on the subject).  A few such recent experiences have really helped to support organization cultural change and results.

I will also continue to serve the worldwide coach community with the ICF and elsewhere by delivering online or on-location keynotes.  When I am available and when it is for a good cause, I always like to volunteer.  The next online conference is booked for the worldwide Hispanic coaching community on September 8 with Desafío Coaching 30 días. They expect 10 000 attendees or more! The next on-location deliveries will be in Bucharest for Romania ICF on October 22.

Depending on my available time and motivation, I will continue writing my ongoing books and diverse online projects.  My underlying goal is to continue contributing resources for managers and coaches.  On the subject, expect new developments on my Online Self-Coaching Journey.

And as you may have understood from the introduction to this letter, we will reserve some personal time to continue journeying as pilgrims, even if that path is intimately linked to all the rest we do.

A few coming events...

Essentially, The Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching training program delivers the heart of my coaching contribution.  Nine days spread out over three months.  The next english-language programs are planned for Bucharest, starting September 16-17, and Buenos Aires, (delivered with simultaneous Spanish translations) from August 26 to 28.  This manager and coach training program on systemic coaching inclusive presence, interpersonal and collective resonance, fractal pattern recognition, skills and posture has proved to be just tops.   Three engaging months of intense practice and personal change! Reserved for those who are intent on transforming their lives and coaching perspectives. IAnd if you have already tested it, please spread the information within your networks! 

September 19-21 also in Bucharest, I will lead one last "Advanced team-coaching tools" workshop for confirmed systemic coaches.  Dont miss it!  And later, from October 16-18, a three-day "Supervision Marathon" for systemic managers and coaches.  That event is the ideal work-out room for those who want to update their systemic coaching skill-set, develop more systemic muscle and also check out how I keep on developing myself!

And again in Bucharest on November 14-15, I will deliver this year's last workshop, on Delegated Processes .  Everything on team and organizational coaching architectures and posture, the subjects of my above-mentioned ICF Romania conference presentations.  Very useful for coaches, trainers and consultants who still believe that team coaching can be resumed to implanting a few basic meeting roles.  More strategically, this workshops prepares coaches to accompany organizations in much deeper cultural changes so as to help them adapt to our millenial reality, if not prepare to survive in the future!

See you soon!

What follows is already or will be presented on my website.  And I will send you another letter by the end of the year.  Until then, do not hesitate to call or to write to give some news or organize a meeting to just update ourselves, to follow me on my saturated Facebook page (photos of our last pilgrimage), or on a more professional LINKEDIN

Amicalement     Alain